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  1. maybe the weight loss comes from the pound of zits that go away when on accutane
  2. i heard the chances for relapse in acne is greater for people who take a low dosage for a longer period of time. In other words, high dose short term is better and gives a better chance for "curing" acne. However, side effects are more common / severe if a high dosage is taken.
  3. I never heard anythign about roaccutane makign people age faster.. however, roaccutane can make the skin more sun sensitive. Sun damage is a cause of dark eye circles... so wear UV protection sun glasses in the sun and such while on accutane.
  4. Actually, certain oxidants can be very bad for you. Have you ever heard of free radical damage (usually the result of an extra unstable oxygen molecule) It's one of the reasons why too much sun is bad for you, and that sunscreens use ANTI-oxidants, and vitamin C, A, E, etc are ANTI-OXIDANT vitamins. research a little on hydrogen peroxide, and see how bad it is. Free radical damage = faster aging skin = wrinkles, ugly skin in the future. Of course, not all oxidants are bad, benzoyl peroxide i
  5. yea, I started using Eucerin because it was recommended by this site at the regimen section. I think my skin is probably just more sensitive too- supposedly AHA's are bad for asian skin in particular. I kinda regret ever trying to regimen, althoguh I didin't stick with it for long I did keep Eucerin as my moisturizer cuz I loved my smooth face while on it. But I also noticed that if I skipped a day I'd get little bumps. After doing research on AHA's I immediately stopped and got the full load of
  6. I think by using it (Eucerin Renewal) for half a year and stopping, I developed rosacea. I am not sure if what I have is actually rosacea though (scaly rashes with little bumps that aren't acne- they come and go), but I am going to see a dermatologist soon to get it diagnosed. From what I've read, AHA's can irritate blood vessels and long term use can damage them (which is a possible cause of rosacea, or makes it worse), and also the skin can lose its natural ability to exfoliate. Another probl
  7. I have little bumps too, they are colored like zits but i know they aren't zits, they are near my sideburns and the area of the cheeks near there. I was kinda thinking it was rosacea? But now I am not sure, what do you guys think? They come and go and sorta feel itchy and scaly, kinda like a rash with lots of small bumps. Then, I also get COLORLESS bumps on my forehead anytime i don't exfoliate. This used to never happen to me, but now it seems they are always there unless i put on differin or s
  8. 3 pimples, some rosacea bumps, 100-500 (no joke) brown marks on my asian skin, not just from acne but from rosacea and other inflammation, etc. But the brown makes are kinda light, so its not really obvious unless you are within 4 feet of me. But still, its horrible.
  9. I love neutrogena oil free tinted spf 15. I hate eucerin, avoid AHA's unless u are fully aware of the consequences of long term use and the effects of stopping their use (i guess skin becomes dependent on AHA's in the long run, mine still hasn't returned to normal since stopping).
  10. I don;t follow the regimen exactly (I do half the vitamins plus the topicals, and slack a bit on the diet), but I can say that a lot of the information has been helpful. Ever since I stopped using BP the complexion on my face looks much better. I also don't get zits where I genetically / normally am not supposed to (my brothers only got acne on their cheeks, but me form excessive experimenting with products got zits all over). Now the zits are for the most part limited to my cheeks, where I norm
  11. The skin above my eyebrows is really fked up. When I stopped using alpha hydroxy acids, it became like twice as thick as it ever was, and turned hard. Also, it started flaking and everyday I would see flakes over my eyebrows or lashes. I even lost a small patch of eyebrow hairs due to my itchy eyebrows. The itchiness has gone away I think; but my eyebrow skin and the T zone between my eyebrows still looks dull and darkened. Now I am using differin gel to exfoliate. The skin isn't quite as hard a
  12. My opinion is that sunscreen should be used by everyone, especially those on acne medications becuase they make you more sun sensitive. I have dark asian skin too, but I made the mistake last year, when I was on a dermatologist's prescriptions that make u uber sun sensitive, of not wearing sunscreen (my incompetent derm didnt tell me i should either). I didn't get burned, but I did get TONS of red marks left over from acne, which were made much worse by overexposure to sun. Bottom line: Sun= Lon