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  1. so after all my research it looks like the only way to properly get rid of scars is through surgery which i cant get because of the money and the downtime.. i cant afford to miss work. is there hope for scars? can u actually get rid of scars or are we forever doomed with them? i have ice pick and box scars and even though i seem to be able to get rid of my red marks. The scars seem to not heal at all. what can i do in order for my scars to improve?
  2. So I've had these redmarks forEVER now. Almost 2 years and they have never completely healed. I've done some revaluating on my diet and my lifestyle and i think they may have faded a little and yet its still noticeable.. now.. the pictures should be here.. rate my red marks from a scale of 1 ----- 10// How good or bad do you think it is?
  3. Anyone know of a good Esthetician in toronto? which technically means a good spa that i can go to for treating redmarks and scars from acne. I'm all cleared up but I cant seem to get rid of these damn redmarks.. a good place a preferrably cheap if that's possible.. if not.. i'm open to suggestions..
  4. so the only way to keep my skin clear is bp basically since that's what i've used and its whats worked in the past. I use panoxyl 5 percent bp so it's pretty regular stuff. during the winter, I'm not known to get any active breakouts of any sorts. but I am still trying to get rid of my redmarks. do you guys think that bp is good or bad for redmarks? Even if I stop using bp, I'm sure that i would not break out.
  5. dear all.. i've been here for years and have suffered with you. I use to never have perfect skin but i only used to have one or two pimples at most and they use to clear up quick. In high school i was athletic, prom king and had everything. I m oved to college and took up smoking hardcore (i used to smoke but not as much) and drank everynite. And I did not bother to take care of my skin. For about a year i left my skin untreated even though i had pimples. I did treat them but not as regularly
  6. Looking for a good dermatologist in the downtown toronto area... Any advice would be appreciated
  7. wondering if anyone's used this... i saw on ad about it on television and it got me curious.. and i even ordered it and now i'm having doubts... i could really hear some personal stories if anyone has used it.