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  1. I know there are a lot of complaints about shipping fees on here, I myself have complained in the past about this and almost didn't make an order at all when I discovered the choice over which shipping product to use has been removed, leaving only the most expensive. $57 shipping on a $28 product seems ridiculous but then I discovered something. Daniel Kern products are available on Amazon at the same price but the shipping is drastically cheaper. danielkern.com shipping for 16oz AHA: $57
  2. Currently it costs approximately £37/$59 to get a 16oz bottle of moisturiser for UK customers, nearly 3x the original cost of the product. This cost can be broke down as follows: Moisturiser: £15.25/$24.19 Shipping: £10.27/$16.29 Customs Tax: £11/$17.50 (£3 tax, £8 handling fee) My initial thought was bulk ordering - save on combined postage, and only have to pay the customs handling fee once. There is a small amount to be saved by doing this but not much - it would cost approximately £
  3. Could you elaborate on this please?
  4. Thanks for the reply. These effects seem to be getting worse, I am losing hair as much as I was in the middle of my accutane treatment and my skin is so dry all over. My diet is low in protein, so I will try increasing that and see if it makes any difference. I may go and see a GP as I am pretty worried about this, but I do not know how much help they would be.
  5. Something pretty worrying has started happening to me. I took accutane a few years ago and I have had lasting side-effects since then, but in the past week or so they seem to have come back with a vengence. My lips are extremely dry, as are my eyes, the skin on my face is dry and flakey, I keep getting nose bleeds, my muscles ache, and what's weird is that my acne on my chest and back has cleared up (the only acne that did clear up when I took accutane, but came back after). Googling these
  6. I usually use the Acne.org AHA but I went back home for a few weeks and forgot to take it with me. By the time it arrived from the US, I would have left anyway so there was not much I could really do about it. Then I was in the bathroom and I found a tube of Neutrogena Clear Pore Treatment from years and years ago, I decided to use this while I was there and to my surprise it really helped to improve my chest and back acne. After these results I want to carry on using it, but it would appear it
  7. The AcneWand looks too small to do anything. LumieClear looks kind of small, and perhaps a little expensive for the size. I might just go for the Britebox Dermaclear. If it doesn't work, you can return it within 60-days. It's worth a try. Plus while it is ridiculously expensive and I can't really afford it, they do interest free payment plans so that is an option.
  8. Thank you for your reply and sorry it's taken me so long to see it. I would have no problem buying the Britebox Dermaclear lamp if I knew for sure it would work, but I don't want to spend £500 (that I don't even have) for nothing. Maybe I will purchase a cheaper handheld lamp to begin with and see how I get along with that, then maybe buy something bigger depending on how I feel it is working.
  9. Lily Lolo mineral makeup is good, and they are UK based. That is what I use. I can't really compare the coverage to that of regular makeup, as mineral makeup is the only type I have ever used (I'm a guy and only wear makeup to cover up my redness/acne), but it definitely makes a lot of difference for me. I have tried other brands of mineral makeup, I like LL the best though. If you do decide to try mineral makeup (which you should), when applying it, make sure your face is as well moisturi
  10. Check out Everyday Minerals and Lily Lolo. Personally I prefer LL and they're UK based as well (whereas EDM are American).
  11. I don't let anyone see me without makeup on either. Normally I just go straight to my room after the shower to put it on. Or if someone is staying or I'm sharing a room with someone for whatever reason, I always take the makeup to the bathroom with me. I use mineral makeup, and although I wear makeup near enough 24/7, I don't think it has much of an affect on my skin.
  12. I'm interested in trying blue/red light therapy but I am unsure which lamp would be best. I'm considering the following lamp: http://www.look-after-yourself.com/top-ten...-acne-lamp/0/0/ Or would you recommend a different lamp? Also I would prefer to buy from a UK retailer if possible, but that's not too important.
  13. Advise see your Dermatologist as soon as poss.... they may have an idea how to decrease redness. Unfortunetly long-term redness seems to be a side-effect for many people during and after Accutane. Having done a ton of research, Isotretinoin appears to affects blood vessels and can cause skin hypersensitivity, fragility, thinning etc. Accutane is also known to cause Rosacea. Thanks for the reply. Sorry it's taken me so long to see it, I tend to come around here for a few days then disappea
  14. This. All the photos I've posted have been on 'good skin days' with lots of makeup and flattering lightening. There is no way I would post a photo showing the extent of how bad my skin actually is. I presume most of this applies to others that have posted photos as well.
  15. Thank you. Although my hairs a fair bit longer/bigger than it was in that photo - it grows fast and I'm too lazy to get it cut regularly. Dude, you don't look bad at all.