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    Post Accutane

    The pictures were deleted but my thread was found over at http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/344467-first-accutane-start-40mgday-severecystic-pics-included/ I had super severe cystic acne - the worst that the doctors I had treating me had ever personally seen. I was hospitalized three times for it over a period of around 5 months. I was put on 40mg (20mg twice a day) of accutane. This is how I look now. Scars and all. It's a huge improvement. I'm not quite sure it's worked completely even
  2. shitshithsithsithi Sorry all! I haven't had much time to sit down and upload these photos and write about stuff. And by time I mean I haven't had the self esteem to do much other than mope around my house and eat. So I'm now on day...26! Nearly a whole month. Nearly. Not quite. Still in the IB stage I think. Getting new nodules every day ;A; also getting hell dry skin in places other than my face. Is this normal??? I presume it is. My arms are hell flaky, like I got sunburn or something
  3. okay okay i'm slightly late with this lmao. DAY 11 UPDATE || WEEK 1 DONE AND DUSTED! I'm not really sure how to go about doing these updates. So over the last 5ish days since my last update a lot has changed. My god. My face looks so much better than it did 5 days ago. I literally can't comprehend it. I'm ecstatic in many ways I suppose. My skin has dried out a lot, especially my lips, I was prepared for this thank god but still a little annoying. I got weird crusty formations of dried s
  4. Eh it's pretty painful. It's very tender and painful to the touch but I can still move my head left and right for the most part. But yea it is painful and got this burning sensation??? it's the only way I can describe the pretty constant mild dull pain that comes with it.
  5. I agree it looks like a staph infection thats what i said it was. and we did rounds of antibiotic after my GP refused to do a bacterial culture. so im hoping the derm is just like "yea okay lets do a culture and some hardcore antibiotics" im remaining on accutane either way for my back and chest acne. but i think i really need to go back on antibiotics.
  6. I'm hoping my IB doesn't last several months ugh thats so long. Hoping it starts to work a month in *^* definitely not losing hope. I originally shaved with a razor, then I started to break out, so I moved to using an electric on days where it isn't too painful or inflammed to shave. And I don't shave close to the skin anymore. I just trim it back so it looks slighly less rancid. yea I'm glad the acne never really swelled up onto my face. i'm seeing a Derm on Monday, I think I might have fol
  7. Alright hi hello, this is my second post here. My first nearly 3 weeks ago; that included my backstory and what was then my current regime. I didn't get around to replying to the replies to that but uhh, here's your update at any rate. TL;DR of the above link; I'm a transgender female-to-male currently experiecning what I can only describe as "testoserone acne" around my jaw and lower face fml. And my back...and chest...yuck. I started on Accutane 25/8/14. A lower dose, 40mg/day or 20mg
  8. Background Story I am FTM (female-to-male) transsexual having in the last six months started on HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy). I am 22 nearing on 23. During my "first puberty" at 12-13 I had mild acne. A few breakouts around my mouth/jaw. That cleaned up for the most part by the time I was 17-18 and I thought I had been done with it. Oh boy was I so so wrong. Being on Testoserone injections was probably the biggest "mistake" for my skin. I broke out bad. And it all happened within the la