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  1. its a scar, enjoy it......
  2. Yes it's true after accutane everything sure does scar... prior to accutane no scars, lots of acne..... these days the very rare pimple = scar.
  3. you're cute

  4. Dude is that your sister, she's beautiful:) hook me up!!
  5. its a little to late for that. someone already beat you to it

  6. i dunno if that would be the wisest decision since i dont know u hahaha

  7. Whats your msn address?! :) add me - [email protected]

  8. Hey dude! Girls really dont care if you're in shape or not .. i've been there and done bodybuilding etc, now I just do it to keep healthy ... I've also travelled to a few places and some girls hate big guys, they just want a normal looking guy ........... also I noticed your eyes more so than your scarring in your pics! We can only do what we can and people will accept us or deny us, but this my friend is life.. enjoy it and have many experiences whilst you are young .. dont regret things, do
  9. Are you single? :)

  10. i was on plentyoffish.com but i deleted my profile lol

  11. What dating site are you on? you're cute .. so am I, we should go out sometime .. :)

  12. Hi Guys .. I have had mild acne throughout my life, i'm now 25 and have started to develop these white raised tissue over my face, they arent pitted or anything, nor are they red or itchy (like a keloid) in some areas it's like this skin has been placed over my normal skin which is whiter than the surrounding. Any ideas on what these are? I didn't have any major wounds in that area previously (they just appear randomly) Thanks Ryan.