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  1. A good facial could help or maybe some salicylic acid. That's exactly how my acne came back after tane. Hasn't gone away since. So how do you manage your acne now? I started using st. Ives wash with 2% salicylic acid on it (once a day) plus clean and clear moisturizer with .5% salicylic acid.. hope this would work. Im giving it a month to make some changes...
  2. bebelabs09

    What to do?

    Bumps over her and there. Plus a lot of hyperpigmentation.. pleade help..? Im planning to use the acne.org kit would it help with this type of acne??
  3. yeah thats true..:/ Thats why i dont wanna use accutane anymore. i havent try the holistic approach but for now im using a mild cleanser plus the clean and clear dual moisturizer with salicylic acid on it. i already refrain from touching my face which i usually do and im trying to decrease my caloric intake. i hope all these bumps will be gone.. :/ really frustrates me
  4. Hi im 27 and had a clear skin for 2 years after accutane. Now, i am having a terrible breakout on my forehead and temples. They're not the cystic type but it bothers me because theyre getting worse. I have a lot of bumps here and there. When I wash my face I feel a lot of whiteheads with hardened oil inside and it makes my skin rough. Just wanna ask if anyone here tried the acne.org products with this kind of acne? Please help.