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  1. Tap water doesn't have near the amount of chlorine that a pool would contain. Chlorine as a whole is bad for the body. Its meant to kill small organisms...
  2. I had acne much like yours. After about 10 weeks on the regimine my acne seemed to clear up almost overnight. Stick with it, it will get better.
  3. Well come to another conclusion because I have it severe and I'm half english. Yeah really. I'm very much Welsh and up until I found the regimine I had horrible acne.
  4. Same here. I have long curly hair so it is in my face. My forehead is invisible unless my hair is moved. No worries.
  5. Proactiv didnt do anything for me over the course of 6 months. It was even a pain to cancel it, they tried to upgrade us to a stronger strength. After 2.5 months on the regimine I am clear. Ive gone through lots of BP though.
  6. Walgreens here sells it. Perhaps they were just out of stock.
  7. I used that but I flew through those tubes and spent much more on it and Dans BP. Plus if you use a lot i does leave white streaks.
  8. I had intense breakouts when I was just a short time into the regimen. But afterwards, about 2.5 months into it my face went almost entirely clear.
  9. If you know where it is then start putting BP on it immediately. It will speed up the healing.
  10. I always used to prick the zit with a sterilized needle then push out the puss and wash away. After that was done I would put a blob of BP about the size of a M&M over the cyst. The BP would work in deep and take out what was left under the skin.
  11. Just use a lotion reccommended within the regimen to clear it up. Accutane does its job, you just have to wait out the IB.
  12. I have a $10 razor I got at walgreens that leaves zero stubble and works great. I'll post the brand and name when I can check it.
  13. After you pick and they are open put some BP on it. It hurts, but it will get down deep and kill the bacteria and it will kill any bacteria you may have brought to the surface while picking.
  14. Just stick with it. I was very dry when I first started but after using BP for about 2.5 months it seemed one night I just got clear, overnight. BP works its magic you just have to give it time and never give up.
  15. It all comes from the camellia sinensis tree. White, black and green teas are the same leaves just harvested at different times and processed in different ways.