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  1. I wanted to try ketsugo since i have really oily skin but i cannot find companies that sell it other than in the UK.Anyone would know any company in the States that i can order it from?I know acne miracle has a similar product but i wanted to try ketsugo first. thanks 3dpimple
  2. They also have for the forehead and other parts of the face too, i think i've seen it.yeah, i use it every 3 days and it helps a lot, i am always amazed with so much stuff that comes out of my nose when i take the strip off.Too expensive but it works for me, not so sure about the shrinking of my pores, i should have taken a pic before i started using those strips. 3dpimple
  3. Why don't you guys get in powder form, it is way cheaper than the pills.I buy from a place where they have 300grams for $10 and 600 grams for $18.I use my digital scale and that's it, save money on the pills. 3dpimple
  4. I guess as always each skin behaves differently, i used to have lots of cysts too but fortunately they are under control now and i use the ultra sheer and I never break out with that, even when i have to reapply it without washing my face.So i guess you have to try and see what happens, it is hard to say what works and what does not on your skin. 3dpimple
  5. I use it and i love it. I have tried many different brands of sunblock until i finally found this, does not cause break outs in me at all. 3dpimple
  6. Thanks Richard, I am going to be using Lustra as soon as i get it, i think you recomended that in one of the threads about Hydroquinone. If applied to the entire face i am curious how it works.The spots will fade away but what happens to the skin that does not have any spots, does it get lighter too?I am sorry if it sounds stupid but i have no clue, I just do not want to make things worse than they already are.By the way, i am going to be using an SPF30, this should be strong enough correct? t
  7. thanks.I started last night with the 2% that i have and i will be using it once a day and see how it goes.Did you notice any changes and if so, how long did it take? thanks 3dpimple
  8. Hello everyone. I ordered some hydroquinone 4% (lustra) and i also have some hydroquinone 2% available.My questions is, do you apply it only on the spots or is it something to apply on the entire face? I am still not sure if i use it twice a day or once (at night) and i already know that i have to use sunblock during the day, thanks 3dpimple
  9. I am really worried! I did the SA for the second time this weekend and my face got burned really bad.I left on my skin for more than 1 minute and i really regret that i did the peeling now . My skin looks really ugly and my dark spots got really darker.I am feeling very depressed man, I am praying that my skin will get back to the way it was before the peel, i can deal with that, no more taking risks for me. I always used the lactic acid and it was ok, but reading this thread i decided to use
  10. So you guys have any idea where i could order this online besides that website in russia?sadcaroline, does the pharmacy you used have a website?I would be more interested in this to decrease the oiliness on my face and pimples too thanks 3dpimple
  11. http://www.puredeming.com/products/ / 3dpimple
  12. Funny to see this thread, i am having one of those days, didn't even want to go to work today 3dpimple