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  1. Day 26: Its been a while since I last posted. My face has improved drastically and continues to get better. I have had no new spots in over two weeks. My back and chest are completey clear. the oil(which was one of my main concerns) has stopped. The only thing is that my face is slightly red from the sun. I may need to try a new SPF. I am currently using Paula's Choice SPF 30 Spray. But it may not be strong enough. Another thing I have noticed is that I used to be a gym rat.... I would
  2. Day 15: THE OIL HAS CEASED!!!!!!!!! And I have been clear for 3 days besides one or two bumps that are healing!!!! Yall have no idea how excited I have been. On saturday, I went out in public without makeup for the first time in over two years!!
  3. More than likely, you will still have an initial breakout. I posted the same question about 3 weeks ago,( I went from Tazorac to Accutane).
  4. Well, I guess I had to answer my own question. I am on Day 10 of my tane treatment and my IB is in full effect.
  5. Day 10: Not looking too good, or feeling good. My face is becoming very tight and I keep getting painful cysts on both sides of my nostrils right above my mouth, also right under my mouth. Some of the spots are crusting over into this crusty yellowish stuff. I try not to peel it off, but I can help it, plus it looks disgusting just sitting there in crusted form. lol P.S. the oil(shine) on my face is becoming less noticable. Thats great news... the shine was one of the main reasons for me
  6. Will accutane cure my acne? -Dermatologists claim that typically 90% of patients’ acne is put into remission through use of the drug, and 60% is completely cured. It is possible that your acne may return after a course of the drug, but it is likely to be much less severe. I would personally wait it out and not go back on Dan's regimen. Just cleanse, moisturize and put on some SPF. And stay hydrated.
  7. Day 9: Face has gotten worse.. IB is in full effect.(atleast I hope this is the worse its gonna get). My lips seem to be not AS dry, my face is still oily.
  8. Day 8: Over the weekend, the corners of my my mouth began to crack and become sore. I have been using Carmex and it has helped alot. I began to break out a little more, mainly on both sides of my nostrils and below my mouth. Only 2 of them are cysts though. No muscle soreness. I was a little on edge though. I was very aggressive on the road, more than usual. Update: My face is SORE!!!! I now have a total of 3-4 cysts and it when I open to bite something or even to smile, it stretches th
  9. Day 5: Corners of mouth are sore and dry, also around my chin area. Other than that, nothing else to report.
  10. You ever think back to when you were a child? Nothing mattered. No care in the world. No self-consiousness about your appearance. Hell, you had to make me take a bath or brush my teeth!!! lol No money issues, no relationship problems, NO STRESS! I was reading "Do You!" by Russell Simmons. He is a long time advocate of Yoga. In one of his chapters he touches on the state of mind we come to as adults and how we lose contact with our inner-child. Our inner-peace lives within our inner-chil
  11. DONT DO IT! Worse case scenaro, you may rip some of the top layer of skin... Most likely scenario, your brows will be severely red. How does the rest of your skin feel and how long have you been on Tane?
  12. Offtopic: POLO has also earned the name Lil Humpy. This lil mofo who probably doesnt even have full grown gonads yet ear/eye/arm/anal raped his stuffed teddy for atleast 30 minutes.... got tired and passed out on the bear. I wish I recorded that. too funny. Day Three: A little nasal dryness... No lip dryness yet... skin is still producing lots of oil... 12pm and shiny as usual. Old spots are reduced a lil and no new spots, so thats a good sign.
  13. My derm told me to schedule my appointment to be 3-4 business days before my last pill. That gives enough time to get the results from your bloodwork before he prescribes the next months batch of pills. Congrats on finishing your first 30 days by the way.