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  1. I keep hearing about the asprin mask, most people comment on how it reduces redness. Does it also work on those little tiny flesh colored bumps on the forehead? Or does it just bring them out into huge pimples?
  2. what happens if you use the hydrocortisone of and on over a couple months....what happens? Like a few days here and there every month?
  3. Yeah, I am going to try the liquid, I wonder if it is as drying as the soap? Also- currently I use ponds cold cream to remove my makeup then wash with the purpose bar. Does the liquid take makeup off very well or would I still need to use the makeup remover first?
  4. Thanks for the responses--I guess I was a liitle afraid to try the liquid because I tried cetaphil and it didnt lather and I always felt I wasnt getting it all off.....do you know if purpose liquid cleanser lathers?
  5. To anyone who uses "purpose" products-----which do you like better the soap bar or the cleanser?
  6. I use ponds cold cream and then wash with purpose soap. Love it.
  7. Has anyone used clean and clear foaming facial cleanser for sensitive skin?
  8. ARE YOU SPOT TREATING IT WITH ANYTHING? Thats what I would do. Put a big glob of BP or something on it so it will dry up and go away.
  9. I am 36 and started using Olay Total Effects anti blemish anti wrinke on Saturday and I have seen an amazing difference, I recommend trying it. I am using the cleanser and mosturizer.
  10. HAS ANYONE USED THIS LINE? I just started with the cleanser and mosturizer ( anti wrinkle/anti blemish) and was wondering if anyone else out there is on it?
  11. No one has heard of this ? No one has used this??
  12. has anyone tried this? The first time I used it I loved it but then after wearing it for about 4 hours or so its like it turned an orangey color or something and made my pores really stand out....