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  1. Hey brenmc. Yes I am from Canada. I order mine from epicbeautybar.com. They upped their prices to $42 a bottle but it's so worth it. The shipping is free. It comes from Las Vegas but I usually get my DIM in a few days. This time it only took 5 days from the day I ordered it! As to your other question, I am not sure what type of acne she had. I don't think it was nodular or cystic, that is more severe. Hers was more of a moderate acne where as mine is mild. I looked those up and apparently I've
  2. I love burts bees cause of how well it dries up the pimple. My acne is actually completely gone because of the DIM I take and the combo of the Clearasil and Burts Bee that I use. It's been 3 weeks since I've been on DIM and after 2 weeks my face stopped breaking out and since 1 week ago I haven't had one new pimple. I find the Clearasil is amazing at night. If I see a little bump I put it on at night and in the morning it's gone. I use burts bee during the day under my makeup.
  3. I am so ecstatic right now. I went on DIM Detox 3 weeks ago. It helps regulate your hormones and blocks the androgens which contribute to hormonal acne. It is completely natural and safe. I can't believe how well it's worked for me again. I stopped taking it because I was pregnant but after deep research and consultations with my doctor and midwife as well as the manufacturer of the product, I was advised that it was safe to take half the minimum dosage for a few months. It's been over 1
  4. Hey I am not a big fan of medicinal ingredients but there have been no studies linked to birth defects and DIM, including the one I'm taking. I contacted the manufacturer and they assured me that it's ok to take for a few months and only half the minimum dosage. I've only been taking one capsule every other day and my midwife constantly monitors me to make sure everything is ok with me and baby. DIM is natural, so I don't see what harm it will do. I have done my research and I wouldn't take it i
  5. LOL yes I am a real person, it's linked to my facebook lmao. I haven't been on here cause my skin is clear again and my acne is completely gone thanks to the dim and proper face routines
  6. I LOVE this product.

    I have mild hormonal acne around my chin only, and I use this to scrub away dry skin after a pimple has popped. It is great for getting rid of dirt and buildup. I don't find it dries out my skin or makes it red at all. It also doesn't make me breakout more. It's great!!
  7. Hydrocortisone Cream is my new cure for Acne.

    I have mild hormonal acne only around my jawline (chin and upper mouth area). I recently bought some hyrocortisone cream because I had a weird breakout on my cheek and I NEVER breakout there so I suspected it was a rash. I still don't know if they were pimples or not, but after a day of using it, the hydrocortisone cream completely eliminated them! I then thought, maybe this will work on these three big painful pimples on my chin? What do ya know? I've been using it for about 3 days now and they
  8. In my earlier entries I was convinced my acne was severe. After a lot of research, I am relieved to say I do NOT have cystic acne, nor anything close. My acne is very mild, some would call it a grade 1 or 2 out of a grade 5, or a 1-2 on a scale of 0-8, 8 being cystic acne. This gives me hope because it means that my acne which is hormonal, is extremely treatable and preventable. I recently cured it by going on DIM and now I will continue to do so. (Had to go off it cause I thought it was unsafe
  9. Hey brenmc. I actually did a lot of research before taking a DIM supplement, and I discovered that the active ingredient DIM should have BIO Response before it. It has something to do with the potency and how it's manufactured. It makes the DIM in the supplement a lot stronger and effective. I believe Natures way does have BIO Response DIM but it doesn't have half the stuff DIM Detox has, which makes it work so well. It hasn't just worked for me. It's worked for 3 people I know. And one was suff
  10. When I first started, I saw results immediately. From the day I started taking it, I didn't get one new pimple. After a few weeks my old blemishes were completely healed and you could barely tell they were there. I was on it for about 4 months and the whole time I didn't get one pimple. My skin was softer and glowing. I was on 2 capsules a day for 2 months then reduced to 1 per day. then it was 1 every other day. Where did you order it from and who's it by? Certain DIM products are the better th
  11. I am seriously manically depressed right now. I don't want to go anywhere or do anything because of my hormonal acne. I'm 9 weeks pregnant and since 1 month and a half ago I went from having perfect skin controlled by DIM to this crap. I have tiny whiteheads where I would never get them before, like my nose and forehead. My jawline is just ridiculously broken out. I have 3 huge painful pimples that have been lingering for 3 days now and won't go away. I've tried everything. Benzoyl peroxide, exf
  12. I was on DIM Detox and I have hormonal acne like you but I only get it around my jawline (chin area). I had to stop it because I became pregnant but it cured my acne. It started working immediately and my acne was cleared in just a month. No more breakouts and I was acne free for 4 months. Now I spoke with my doctor and found out it's safe to take in a low dosage, so I'm starting back up on it. But it is literally my savior. It's the only thing that worked for me. I tried literally EVERYTHING be
  13. I actually just checked with my Doctor and it IS safe to take so I'm excited now. I just ordered it. And yes you can only take one capsule oppose to 2-4 per day.
  14. Yeah I'm from Canada, but all this stuff should be available in the US. They even probably have more variety. I got all mine at Wal-mart.
  15. Skin is so nice right now after only days of my regimen. So happy

  16. If you eat that healthy, your diet probably doesn't affect your acne at all. it is probably hormonal. I cured my hormonal acne. message me if you want to know more.
  17. I have the answer to your hormonal acne problems - take DIM Detox. It literally saved my life when it comes to acne. i used to get breakouts around my mouth near that time of the month. After taking DIM my skin instantly cleared up within a few weeks. It got better each day. After being on it from about 2 months my skin was perfect and I never got one breakout! I was acne=free for 4 months. Then I got pregnant and had to stop taking it cause it is a hormone balancer and not safe during pregnancy
  18. I was off it for about 8 months and my breakouts were actually not as bad. I found the birth control was giving me more symptoms like nausea and headaches, especially around my period. I was on the generic version of Diane-35. Where do you get most of your acne might I ask?
  19. That's awesome you're going off Accutane, it's so harmful and shouldn't be taken for long. I found the best cure for me was DIM Detox but it's mainly for hormonal acne. Where do you mostly break out? And is your skin dry, oily? Does it feel tight after you wash your face? Also birth control worked for me for a bit but gave me symptoms so I stopped but apparently it works for lots of people. I believe you commented on my hormonal regimen. I have quite a few products in there that works.
  20. Thanks I have been drinking tons of water. And yes I try to avoid all makeup. I find the best to use however, is powdered. The liquid stuff makes me break out more. But everyones skin is different right! Its by Physicians formula and it's talc free and doesn't clog pores/oil free.
  21. Hey yeah I do. I wake up, use the Cetaphil bar. Then I use the oxy wipes. I then use the burts bee stick. I then apply my makeup. At night I repeat the steps and if I notice a new pimple forming I use clearasil treatment as it helps attack new pimples better than the burts bee. Burts bee dries the old ones out more. As for the mask I only use it twice per week! It's making a huge difference. It's day 5 now and my skin's like I'd say 75% clearer than it was! All the whiteheads are gone and my pim
  22. Benzoyl peroxide is also put on the skin, so I'm questioning your logic there. Who is the father? Benzoyl Peroxide is safe during pregnancy. However Salicylic Acid taken orally can cause birth defects and complications. Therefore, doctors suggest that it should not be used topically either to avoid any risks. What do you mean by who is the father? That's quite irrelevant.
  23. Hi everyone. A little about me, I've always had very mild acne, but enough that I had to wear foundation. I have always been a stickler for perfection, as I am very observant and an artist and I noticed the flaws in everything. So of course, this led me to my journey for perfect skin. My acne started when I was 15, and was very very mild. I'm talking like a tiny pimple or two on my chin or near my mouth. Nothing I couldn't cover up with a cover stick. But, my acne has gotten progressively worse
  24. Only for about 4 months. It definitely has to be the pregnancy because I weaned myself off DIM for a little and nothing happened. Plus, once I found out I was pregnant there was no time to wean, it's too dangerous to take something that alters the hormones. And I don't get really bad cystic breakouts, I may have used the wrong term. They're just big pimples and I only get 1-2 at most at one time. My problem is mostly whiteheads. I also eat only raw natural foods with no preservatives and I eat n
  25. Actually I did a read up on Salicylic Acid and I read it's not good for the baby. Anything put on the skin is absorbed into the bloodstream. Currently benzoyl peroxide is the safest bet, thanks