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I LOVE this product.
I have mild hormonal acne around my chin only, and I use this to scrub away dry skin after a pimple has popped. It is great for getting rid of dirt and buildup. I don't find it dries out my skin or makes it red at all. It also doesn't make me breakout more. It's great!!

By LeksiBabi,

Hydrocortisone Cream is my new cure for Acne.
I have mild hormonal acne only around my jawline (chin and upper mouth area). I recently bought some hyrocortisone cream because I had a weird breakout on my cheek and I NEVER breakout there so I suspected it was a rash. I still don't know if they were pimples or not, but after a day of using it, the hydrocortisone cream completely eliminated them! I then thought, maybe this will work on these three big painful pimples on my chin? What do ya know? I've been using it for about 3 days now and they

By LeksiBabi,

Great Disinfectant, Reduces redness and inflammation and helps prevent future breakouts. Avoid over using it to prevent drying.
I absolutely adore tea tree oil. I've been using it for about 10 years now (although not as much as I should, only lately because I am pregnant and my mild hormonal acne is back!). It is a great disinfectant and it really helps to relieve pain, reduce redness and inflammation and clean out the pores. Used daily, it helps prevent future breakouts, but it's not for everyone. Everyone's skin is different and reacts differently to different products, you just have to try it and stick with it. You ca

By LeksiBabi,

Great Exfolient, reduces redness and removes built-up dirt + bacteria! Will use again!
So, I tried Baking Soda Mask for the first time today after reading some great reviews. I was impressed, but not overly impressed like most of the reviews state. While it did help to relieve my redness and irritation, it did not reduce the size of any of my whiteheads. However my skin is extremely soft afterwards. I also did not notice any burning sensation and I mixed mine with Lemon - I might just have tough skin - I do put it through a lot. Anyways, this is a great natural exfolient and I wil

By LeksiBabi,

Green Tea is absolutely amazing. Great for acne, your body and fat loss!
The best way to fight acne is from the inside-out. I love Green Tea. I used to drink 4 cups daily but had to slow down because I'm pregnant! While drinking the organic green tea (using loose leaves no bagged stuff), My skin was SO Clear and I didn't need to wear any foundation! I drank about 4 cups a day and took green tea extract pills (2x daily). I had noticed the results within a week and I no longer had any breakouts - even around my period when they would get worse. I would definitely recom

By LeksiBabi,

Best Natural Treatment + Lightener Ever!
I am always willing to try new natural products when it comes to my skin. Not only is it safer but I feel that it produces better results. As for lemon juice, it is my personal savior. Not only do I apply it on my skin, but I drink a cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice daily. You might think lemon is acidic, and it is - outside of the body. But, when you ingest it, it turns into alkaline which is extremely good for your body and helps fight diseases and illnesses like acne. Lemon juice WORKS be

By LeksiBabi,