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  1. so I dont think eating 5 or so cookies every once in a while is gonna hurt u. especially that they have none of the crap oreo has. Plus this aint a weight forum its an acne message board Veganessentials is amazing the only reason why I dont buy there cookies and stuff is because I'm on a wheat/gluten free diet as well as being vegan
  2. I couldnt believe when I went to whole foods n found these glutenfree/wheatfree/egg free/dairy free/casein free cookies!!! They looked exactly like oreos but arent even half the fat or has all that other crap oreo has. I though I would share w/u guys since I know most of u dont consume dairy or wheat/gluten products cause it breaks u out. I decided to see some reviews online for them and they were all excellent so I bought them. YUM so damn good. Only problem is that they are a bit expensive abo
  3. get wheat free soy sauce which is called Tamari. U can find it at whole foods and stuff. Theres also some brands of Soy Sauce that dont contain wheat/gluten like LA CHOY but San J which makes Tamari sauce is the best brand.
  4. I eat Vegan/Gluten(wheat free) pizza so no I dont break out. Regular pizza is just toooooooo greasy and full of crap. What I do is buy Rice Pizza Crust from Whole Foods (in frozen section) and buy Follow Your Heart Mozzarella Cheese (vegan and tastes sooooo good). Pretty simple and tastes great.
  5. I didnt take this for 12 days cause I was in Juvenile detention. Hopefully it will keep the same results as it had kept my cheeks and temples completely cleared. Right now i'm clear only have red marks. I heard if u leave it and then come back to it wont work the same. I hope that isnt my case cause I had been take it for 9 weeks almost 3 months. I'm gonna continue and see what happens.
  6. I never really had ACNE ACNE. It was always a pimple or 2 in high school. Sometime I would break out but nothing to serious. I just have some red spots/brown spots now. Anyways it didnt matter to me. Most of the time I never showed up to school cause i was skipping. If I was at school I would just look down. Schools in miami are big so theres no such thing as the popular person or all that crap. I didnt talk to anyone and was always a loner. No one ever noticed me so that was a good thing. that
  7. whats the point of eating these leafy greens in smoothies. Wouldnt they have the same effect if u just ate them as it is. I eat tons of them in salads I also make a lot smoothies. So how often do u have to drink these leafy green drinks? greens- Lettuce, Spinach which other ones??
  8. I would just do that to all my beard. Trust me having facial hair is the worst thing ever. Stubble, redness. u dont want that
  9. RICE does not break anyone out! It has no gluten. As for grains try QUINOA its the complete protein and its the most nutritious food you will ever fine it has pretty much everything everything and best of all no gluten in it.
  10. i'm a vegeterian (still eat fish every once in a while) but i'm gonna drop it completely and become a vegan. I dont eat meat,dairy,chicken, etc cause of the cruelty the animals endure and for health reason heres a good site that sells gluten free /vegan cakes and other stuff for very cheap prices http://www.glutensolutions.com/products.as...uten+Free+Foods
  11. maybe u havent masturbated in a while so your body releases it. U will get one every 2 weeks or so if u dont masturbate.
  12. use the Aveeno shaving gel! thats the best one and everyone seems to love it. It reduced my irritation and razor bumps by 80%
  13. Put her on Accutane! She is no little girl anymore she is 12 years old shes getting periods! she is a woman now! Get that girl on Accutane now before she gets sever scarring. Everyone here is always exaggerating as far as side-effects go. Also sometime it does not matter if u dont pick at your pimples they still scar. I suggest putting her on ACCUTANE NOW before she gets into high school and things turn into hell
  14. try tea tree oil it dries fast