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  1. Hi, Locket! My #1 make-up removing product is the Shu Uemura cleansing oil. I use the pink one (Porefinist) as it's meant for oily and combination skin. I highly recommend it! It's super gentle but gets absolutely everything off, from waterproof mascara to foundation. It's not the cheapest, but even on my student budget I make sure to always have it on hand. You start with a dry face and gently massage the oil in, then moisten your hands and massage again to emulsify, and finally rinse. I usuall
  2. Hi all, It's been ages since I've posted or even been on Acne.org as my life has gotten extremely busy (I'm in the last couple of weeks of my undergrad, and will be starting graduate school in the fall!). That being said, I wanted to post a brief update for anyone who followed my log and wondered how things were going. It looks like my last post was about 4 months ago, and my regimen is still more or less the same as it was then. Here are some updated pics of my skin! These were taken about a
  3. Thank you so much! I took a look at your son's progress log, and I'm very glad he had a (relatively) smooth journey on the Regimen. Glad that it worked for you as well. I guess I'm just part of an unfortunate minority!
  4. Best of luck to your son! It seems that he is reacting very well to the BP, so I think if you can manage to keep applications consistent (while he is away with his dad) he should be in the clear very soon Kudos to you for being so diligent on his behalf, I'm sure he appreciates it so much. The Regimen can be tough, and having supportive family members is key!
  5. One last comment on the Regimen itself: looking back at my progress log, I think it's clear that the Acne.org BP really wasn't working for me, whether because it was expired/defective or because my skin just didn't like it for some reason. As soon as I switched to BenzaClin (which is 5% BP and 1% clindamycin), things got better very quickly, and I just regret so much that I didn't start off with the BenzaClin, since it might have prevented the insane terrible breakouts that I had while on the of
  6. Week 17 (I think? It's been a long time!) Hello again to those who have been following my progress log! I've been posting less frequently as I have fewer developments to share each week, but I'm happy to report that things are going well with my skin I'll get into the pictures right away: These pictures were taken this morning, and I'm wearing nothing at all on my face! PROGRESS! There's still a ways to go, but I was just going through my gallery photos, and I'm just so happy
  7. Thanks for your kind words! I agree that the redness has increased, though I'm already only using BP at night and have stopped using the AHA+, so I think it's residual from the past couple months of the Regimen. I'm planning to use more natural, gentle products from now on to let my skin heal up. I think I might add a face oil to my daily regimen to take the place of AHA as a more gentle scar-fading product. Have your sons used anything that worked well for red marks? Thank you, DeLovely!
  8. Week 12 (5th Week of New BP & Regimen) Wow, I can't believe it's been almost a month since I last posted! I've never been this busy before and just have had a million things going on with school/work/etc that I haven't had a free minute to post until now. My sincere apologies to anyone who has been following along and wondering what happened to me! The good thing about being so insanely busy was that I literally didn't have time to worry about or pick at my skin. I made time to do my regim
  9. Week 9 Day 2 Time seems to be going by a lot more quickly now, probably because I'm nice and busy with school, so I'm actually posting this a day later than I planned. I've been using AHA+ pretty much every night (this is the first night in at least a week that I'm going for just moisturizer), and I haven't gotten any of the sunburned look that others have gotten when using AHA with BP. I guess my skin is just super hardy from all the different things I've tried over the years! Overall, thin
  10. I was in the exact same situation (week ~7, no improvement at all - my skin actually looked even worse than when I started) and I changed the BP I was using. I never got any redness from the acne.org BP and I just felt like it wasn't doing anything at all, so I switched to BenzaClin, a prescription gel with 5% BP and 1% clindamycin. My skin is doing so much better in the one week since I switched! I don't know if acne.org has poor quality control or if 2.5% just isn't strong enough for serious c
  11. I hadn't looked into that, thanks for the tip. I've heard so many stories of negative side effects from Accutane that I really don't want to go on it if I don't have to, so if my dermatologist still wants me to go on it when I see him in a month, I'll ask him about Spironolactone.
  12. Week 8 Day 1 I finally have some positive news to report! After a week or so of doing my new regimen (with new, prescription BP) I am starting to see improvements. My right side, which has always been the worse one, is actually probably doing better than the left, and while there are tons of red marks, most of them have flattened out. The right cheek was pretty bad in the last week or so, and there are still a number of raised bumps there, but they also feel like they're calming down. My foreh
  13. Hey guys, I wanted to update you now as some things have changed. Since I've become convinced that something weird is going on with the acne.org BP I bought, in the last few days I've altered my regimen to the following. Morning Wash with Dan's cleanser Phytomer AcniPur Blemish Solution Fluid OR BenzaClin Gel, depending on how sensitive my skin is feeling Dan's moisturizer on any areas that are still dry Night Wash with Dan's cleanser BenzaClin Gel Dan's AHA+ (every night or every other
  14. I'm sure the crimp is where the expiry date is supposed to be, but I don't know if I got a tube that was never marked or wasn't supposed to be sent out or something. I have a prescription from my dermatologist for BenzaClin, which is 5% BP and 1% clindamycin, so I've filled that and I'll use it at night to see if anything changes. It is a lot thicker and absorbs less than the acne.org BP, so I'm hoping that customer service can send me out a new one and I can go forward with that. Thanks a lot