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  1. My redness has gone down noticeably today since I stopped applying BP on the inflamed areas for the last two days. I apply moisturizer and after a while Bee Magic, which is mainly made of olive oil and honey. My brother saw me today and told me that I look better, so that means it's kinda working. I will keep going and hope for the best, I can say that I'm feeling better about it now. I will use the BP on those areas only when they fully recover. I think the reason for this inflammat
  2. Thanks guys for replying. When I'm talking about red marks I'm not talking about hyper pigmentation, I mean a red area about 2.5" in diameter, almost covering my entire right cheek. It's making me VERY uncomfortable going out without makeup, and if I apply make up it gets dry and just gives me an awful texture. Thanks, TheOneThatGotAway, I will try the jojoba oil. I'll order it ASAP. Do you guys think I should stop applying BP until I reduce the inflammation with the Bee Magic? I hop
  3. Hi, Well, I'm in week 6 of the regimen right now and I have worse skin than ever before. My skin is red and rough on the areas I had the most acne on. I have red marks around areas in my face that were clear before. My pores have enlarged. And I just look like I have a much bigger problem than before. About 1.5 weeks ago, I lowered the amount of BP that I apply hoping that the red rough patches will get better but no changes. I started using Bee Magic organic cream to soothe the problem, i
  4. Hi everyone! I started the regimen 3.5 weeks ago, and as you can predict I have redness and my face is very flaky. I started slow on the BP and went up to the recommended amount just today. My face is still itchy in certain areas but other areas are not itchy anymore. Anyway, the thing the bothers me the most is the flakiness. I apply makeup before I go out. I can cover the acne marks with makeup but the flakiness sometimes even looks worse when I cover it with makeup. So I thought of usin