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  1. I had a bit of a that time of the month chocoholic meltdown and it could either be hormones or chocolate that brought my acne back for a few days. Good news is that past those few days my acne is less again and it wasn't even as bad as it has been. I've been eating more raw and more vegetables. I need to eat some more meat right now, because I've eaten hardly any meat over the past few days. Another warning for those wanting to get rid of acne, some other beauty issues that were in the b
  2. Hi Jadda, I am with you. I just read a post with a similar diet and my diet is similar, but not totally the same and I have cleared up. There's got to be something in it. Not the paleo diet, but eating less red meat, more veges, more high fibre foods, more fruit and nuts, more ecological/organic foods, drinking heaps of water, doing heaps of exercise, avoiding milk etc.
  3. I started cycling to work. If you look at athletes they either have heaps and heaps of acne or none and look really healthy. Basically what I do is have a shower one or two minutes after I cycle to rinse off the sweat. The sweat cleans out your pours, but if you leave it on your face it then clogs them again causing acne. So you want to sweat to clean out your pours, but then you want to wash it off to prevent it from clogging them again with the stuff you just sweated out. If I can't make
  4. I'm with you. I also had acne since I was 12, but I'm now 35. I just made a similar post regarding that my skin has been much clearer since I started a part vegetarian diet and high fibre foods, with heaps and heaps of water. I also only use Dan's products.
  5. I have been struggling with acne for the last 23 years. Now its the middle of summer here and in the tropical weather it is hot sweaty muggy when I usually get heaps of pimples/acne and I don't have any. I noticed that my friends are struggling with the usual tropical summer acne that just usually doesn't budge unless the weather changes. So what's different about me this year. I'm going to share (and be honest). People are commenting "god you look healthy" - they've never said that before.
  6. I'd do accutane later for several reasons The side effects (I have read on the net that large doses of vitamin A in children can cause growth retardation, not to mention the other side effects that you may get that you don't want early on in your life) and You may grow out of it (When you hit 30 and you still have acne you can then assume that you are not going to grow out of it) I took 20 mg a day on my first course and have started on my second course now.
  7. People who give you advice do it for a number of reasons: to suit their own agenda, make themselves feel better, tell you something they think you want to hear, to sell you something, to be righteous/politically correct, to seem smart, etc To find someone who actually cares about your wellbeing is a rare thing. Parents included. If you say you don't want to be reminded of it, your dad or anyone else for that matter should respect that. Be firm, be serious, be neutral, try not to be emotional
  8. Have you possibly developed contact dermatitus? I'm wondering because someone I know developed contact dermatitus and it was just after they used Retin-A for the first time. It's a really bad serious condition that I found out is a sizable occupational hazard (coming after lifting objects, slips, trips, falls). It can be caused by soaps, cleaning chemicals etc, but can also even be caused by water.
  9. Begining on my second treatment as of yesterday. The first treatment lasted about a month before my face went back. I used Retin-A for the rest of the time, but my Acne kept coming. Although slightly less than previously. I have though given up picking, so I can't tell if my face is better because I don't touch my face or because there is actually less acne. Hope to post you all again. Pretty boring log, I know, but so be it.
  10. Dry Lips - I applied Petroleum Jelly 3-4 times a day to do this. Laughing at Anything - Roller Coaster Emotions - Lack of Concentration - Sleepiness My Acne has come back, but less, and I only went on one course. I need more tane for the effects to be permanent. It is worth it, because at least for a year when I took roaccutane I could walk around without having acne to worry about. It even helps to reduce facial scarring.
  11. I've switched to Paula's Choice 2% liquid and I'm not impressed by it either. I looked at Diane Yvonne's and the difference is that Paula's Choice has all this stuff like grape seed extract, green tea leaf extract, willow herb extract and a whole lot of other stuff I don't even know what they are. If this other stuff/fillers worked on acne then I reakon they would have found some proof by now, but there isn't any so I prefer to steer clear of it and concentrate on getting salicyclic acid witho
  12. If you are using water based products then a water wash will wash the product off and if you use a cloth it will also get rid of the dead skin cells. Water will also wash away dead skin to a degree. If water is not enough and you want the wash to positively get rid of the dead skin cells, grime and comedones within your pores then salicyclic acid washes are a good option. Some people can be irritated by using too much exfoliation/acid and so stick with water. Some people find they break out
  13. I found the same. I still use BP 10% despite advice to the contrary. I just break out with 5% or 2.5%. Has anyone successfully switched from BP 10% to a lower concentration?
  14. I'll try and sum up the responses as I see them. Not all of these are my own personal views, just a summary of the views expressed in this thread. So there are some positive views and others more negative, but you can take the good with the bad. - You can be beautiful with acne, if you have good facial features (however it is in the eye of the beholder as to what these features are). - Acne however detracts from one's beauty (without the acne you'd be more beautiful) - Charisma or Charm c
  15. retin A is keratolytic and comedolytic, and may improve the appearance of hyperpigmented skin. Side-effects, which tend to diminish over time, include peeling, dryness, irritation and a flare in acne over the first few weeks of therapy. A product/ingredient is keratolytic if it encourages the shedding of corneocytes (dry outer skin cells) from the stratum corneum or outermost ‘horny layer’ of skin by dissolving the intracellular cement of lipids, ceramides, etc; and otherwise softening th