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  1. well being that i have lived and am returning to a tropical place..i would just recommend mineral foundation like in a powder form..so u could get like everyday minerals or use pf organic brand...the thing about tropical places is u dont want to look too made up except at night. u could get a concealer for yr small blemishes. but the number one thing u need in tropical climates is like a face hankerchief...to blot yr face from sweatt....
  2. ive been using retin a for about a few months...i dont really see it doing much. i have one side of my face worse then the other . i think because i have a lot of clogged pores and then when all the gunk comes out it leaves a stretched out pore.
  3. garden of wisdom mandelic acid 10 percent st ives clay mineral mask..it got great reviews st ives microdermabrasion lip gloss
  4. I dont know why but i am obsessed with my pores. Im 26 and the past few years i have notcied my pores on my cheeks. i think it was a hormonal thing and pregnancy that made them enlarge and get clogged, but i want to know if any other women stress their pore size or pore problems...and how old were u when u noticed yr pores...and with that what things do u use to minimize it...and what treatments can be used to not make it spread larger or throughout yr face. ive been using retin a but some days
  5. im so happy i had one under my eye for several months and the gunk came out by itself today.
  6. i have been using retin - a for a few months now and im not seeing any change in my pores. supposedly its supposed to minimize them but i dont see it. has anyone had this same problem with enlarged pores and had good results with retin-a and also are there any other treatments that might be better?
  7. i have been reading alot of you have been using this monistat chafing cream to fill in scarred pores before applying makeup..where do i buy it and its in what section of the store?
  8. my skin is pretty much clear but there is this place on my chin and i always get that hard painful bump there. it goes away after a few days but then comes back after a few weeks. what can i use to make sure he wont come back this time.
  9. basically i have clogged pores and now ive got all these little bumps on my forhead. my face seemed to be getting clear for a minute and then i changed products and im dealing with bumps on my forehead. or could it be stress. i notice these little bumps on my forehead ..they come and go as they please...especially when im stressed out. should i just let it go away on its own. im tired of using all these products ..it seems to be making my face worse.
  10. basically my skin is driving me crazy and im very selfconscious about it. do u think its that bad...? and do u think its that visible? right now im using retin a ..for a few months ...will that help reduce the scarring? what other treatments do u think would be effective in making it look better. please let me know.
  11. I dont know what happened to me. After i moved to a very humid climate ..i began getting mild comedonal acne and enlarged pores. Maybe i also had too much time on my hands to look in the mirror. Maybe my life became really difficult and i got depressed. ever since then i find that when things get hard i look in the mirror at my face and tear it apart. i over obsess and even make my face worse by picking at it and putting several products on it...i do this especially when im going thru a stressfu
  12. i bought this n it totally broke me out...has anyone else ever tried this
  13. so i really dont have much acne,,,,its more like clogged pores and stuff and comedones..so ive been using the bp cleanser but recently ive noticed a few break outs and the bp just doesnt seem to work enough. so i started using retin .1% on my cheeks and its doing good fixing the scarring and cleaning out my pores...but then i started applying it all over recently and i also changed cleansers to a neutrogena oil free stress free salicylic cleanser and now my whole forehead is broken out in small