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  1. does anyone know of an oil controling moisturizer that wont break me out?
  2. thanks guys, im gonna give it a try.
  3. i use bp on my whole face even though my forhead is clear (i only get like one blemish every 3 weeks on it) but i noticed that when the blemish goes away on my forhead it leaves no red marks like the acne on my cheeks do. i think it is because the forheads skin is alot thinner or somthing. but im not sure. good luck with your no regimen regimen though.
  4. ive heard that vitiman b5 thins out your hair and i was wondering if its permanent or only while your taking b5. does the hair thinning happen to everyone? and also the product called skinb5 says that it is good for hair. how is this possible? maybe because it has other vitimans in it too? i know that people say this product wont work for acne but i still want to try it. heres a link if you've never heard of it skinb5
  5. idk if its a cyst cause i dont have that bad of acne, no one knows i have acne cause the regimen works so good for me. i think i had one of these like a year ago but i dont remember what i did to get rid of it. for now ill take ibuprofen to reduce inflammation and ice it to reduce the swelling.
  6. latley i have been lazy with washing my face at night, and this morning i woke up with a huge swollen type thing on my face but its not red and it cant be popped. im thinking its a spider bite. but idk i dont think i ever had somthing like this and im freaking out. it's winter here and theres snow so idk about it being a spider bite. but can someone help please.
  7. does smoking weed cause acne to flare up? because i dont do it that often, like once a month to keep it casual. but i smoked 3 times in one week and it seems like im breaking out. so can it cause acne?
  8. mix it in a glass of water. that works best i guess. i saw an artical on it a while back
  9. would it be benificial for my acne to drink olive oil every night like 4 tbl spoon or somthing?
  10. http://curezone.com/clark/liver.asp hope this helps. only takes one night. and it is a really intellegent site.
  11. most positive comment ive ever seen you post lol. but i think im gonna buy some salmon
  12. eggs have omega six wich is not good for acne in most cases. i would stop eating them and see if anything changes after a month and if not then eat them.