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  1. Im very skeptical of using moisturizer because it makes my skin feel even more oilier, i do see the point of if i use it it'll protect it and might not produce more oil but ive tired it in the past and it didnt work.
  2. Hello I'm a 22 year old male who has just finished my second course of accutane 6 months ago, luckily i havent had any major breakouts yet but my nose blackheads have came back and my oily skin has came back but not as bad but i am scared that as the months go on my skin will get oilier and the major breakouts will follow. Im researching and trying everything, i don't eat anything with high sugar, i only drink water, eat loads of fruits and veg, no milk, exercise few times a week, Im taking
  3. I am in the exact same boat 469dma, ive just came off my second accutane course 2-3 months ago. My oil levels are coming back and i feel that my spots will soon follow. Im taking Zinc, fish oils with vit a & d currently but if oils levels contain to increase and spots return ill have to try some antibiotics from my doc, anyone know if these helped?
  4. james1946

    Post Accutane Question - Redness

    My reddness is seeming to fade but unfortunately the oiliness seems to be returning and i fear that it won't be long until all my acne comes back again. I have done 2 courses now last one was a 4 month with a a 60mg a day so a high dose. I couldn't possibly look at a 3 course i couldn't bare the side effects during and after the course, has anyone had success with antibiotics or other treatments for oiliness?
  5. Hello, I completed my 2nd accutane course about 40 days ago and i have been clear since. But my face is still quite red and if i go into a hot room or something it goes red raw. Is there anything i can do to try and calm it down? Also i am going on holiday in another 45 days so overall it will be 90ish days after my course but im still worried how my face will react to the hot weather (sun) im planning on taking a high level sunscreen but not sure if that'll help. Is there any advice that wi
  6. james1946

    Accutane Questions, Please Help!

    With taking small amounts do you still get the initial breakout and things? Does taking a small amount keep spots from appearing too? and what do you class as a "long term"? Thanks
  7. james1946

    Accutane Questions, Please Help!

    "I hope you're aware that you maybe not be free of acne once your course is over. You might still get the occasional pimple - don't consider it "acne" though." I understand this may be the case, but i've read that people have been clear 100% for a very long time so i'm just keeping some faith that this might happen to me, fingers crossed. Also is anyone aware if it will be okay to take vitamins alongside accutane. I understand you cant take vitamin A. But what about Zinc, Vitamin E and D
  8. Hello everyone Situation: Second course of accutane (60mg), male (just turned 21 yrs old), extremely greasy face, mild-moderate acne. I'm on day 70 of my second course and things seem to be getting better (*touches wood*) but I've got a few questions if anyone can help. I seen my dermatologist a few weeks back and i found out that i am on a 4 month plan (He said he might bump me up abit nearer the end so maybe last few weeks i'll be on 80mg a day) but i am worried that this is too sh
  9. james1946

    2Nd Course Of Accutane (Day 29)

    Hey, You say you were drinking 4/6 beers a week before blood tests and they came up high? I go to see my derm this tuesday to get blood tested and i drank last week saturday. From drinking to going to see my derm will be 10 days, do you think it'll show on my blood tests? Cheers
  10. james1946

    Week 6

    Coming to the end of week 6 now. Started using Cetaphil gentle wash and Cetaphil daily facial moisturizer with SPF 15. Got my 6 week check up with my derm on Tuesday, do not think ill get a dosage increase due to me being on 60mg a day and weighing 70kg. Started to get a rash on my top part of my hands but nothing a little aqueous cream can't sort out. Still getting spots every other day, the initial breakout "seems" to be calming down (touch wood). I've grown abit of a beard to try and
  11. james1946

    2Nd Accutane Course Diet Help

    Yeah I've recently started doing that
  12. james1946

    2Nd Accutane Course Diet Help

    There is different type of tablets of accutane. A certain type doesn't need a fatty meal to be consumed better but some others do. The instructions on my medication does say take with high fat meal.
  13. Hey everyone, i made a blog but i thought just making a question in a forum would be easier. Here my blog (From start to week 2) WEEK 3 (21 Days) I am still getting new spots more or less everyday or every second day so i guess im still going through the initial breakout, hopefully this will stop at week 5 or sooner because it is my birthday (woo) then and it would be great if it did. At the start i was drinking a lot of milk and other dairy products to try and get the "high fat"
  14. Hello guys, I am currently 3 weeks into my second accutane course and i am trying to eat a high fat meal when taking my tablet. I am on 60mg a day (20mg Morning, 20mg Afternoon, 20mg Dinnertime). Does anyone know of 'high fat' meal that does not contain dairy? I'm eating alot of eggs which i understand have amount 5grams of fat. Thanks