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  1. is the st ives alpha hydroxy cream non comadegenic? it does not say on the label, so i was wondering if any one here has used it?
  2. i drink alot of milk in my diet, i hav eliminated every other food from my diet that i consum regularly except for milk and i still get acne, then i read somewhere that milk contain alot of hormones, is this true? can milk cause acne for some people?
  3. i put some on my face cause i read somewhere that it is good for ur skin but im wwondering is it gona clog my pores and cause breakouts soon?
  4. neutrogena oil free moisture spf15: does this stuff have that AHA stuff in it? is it good for the clear skin regimine? it says its non comedegenic but im not sure if has AHA cos i need AHA to get rid of my red marks thanks.
  5. you should tell her wat ur tellin in this thread, cos if she is hanging out with she obviously dont mind the acne.. so just tell her how u feel aobut it..so she knows its not sumthing that u dont like about her.
  6. thanks brandy ill give this AHA stuff a try..all im worried about is tryin to get rid of the red marks..i hope this stuff works..
  7. whats AHA? i always see this acronym but dont know wat it stands for???
  8. my skin does not get oily however i still get some pimples but i hav a lot of red marks from pervious pimples.. can i stop the bp and let my skin heal the red marks natrually and continue using the cleeanser and moistorizer?
  9. anyone from australia know where to buy neosporin cream in australia, im in sydney and cant find it anywhre. are there any products similiar to this in australia?
  10. i had two active pimples, then i tried the egg mask and it almost made the active pimples disappear, and that on the first..i have high hopes for the regimen..thanks for this
  11. i hav alot of red marks now that i have been on the regimen for about a month, there are less pimples however the scars seem to last loonger andmy face looks worse. usually the red mark or scar would last about a week but is been 4 weeks n still no change.. any one have advice on wat i can do to get rid of it...? heres a pic so u know wat im talkin about:
  12. ok thanks for ur advice im using cetaphil gentle skin scleanser non foaming one
  13. i bought a medicated saop today called gamophen and the active ingrediant is 10mg/g TRICLOSAN and says that it provides effective antibacterial action which helps fight acne. it cleanses blocked pores and removes excess oil. it also gives alll over body odour protection( not that i need it). so it the ingrediant triclosan ok for this regimen? and another q how cum dan doesnt have the option of selling a cleanser and mois. over the net, that way we wont have problems of wondering if its the righ
  14. mine is: cleanser : very dry sometimes flakey after bp: wait about 10 mins and skin feels tight and abit dry after moist.: stings a lil bit, then doesnt feel dry. i would say normal however looks shiney sumtimes. how do i get rid of the shine?
  15. ok i just started the regimen, i bought cetaphil cleanser wash and cetaphile moisturizer along with the bp gel. Just wondering if the cetaphile moisterer is recomended for use with this regiemen. i hav seen that the cetaphil cleanser is ok, the cleanser doesnt foam or anything is this still ok or should i switch to a cleasning bar? thanks for ur help guys and wish me luck