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  1. I guess I thought that a professional "microdermabrasion" session would be a more "spraying" of crystals on my skin...I've always heard it's a mild form of 'sandblasting'. Do they just rub them onto your skin? Does it cause peeling? When you say 'superior results', does that mean your shallow scars were a tad less visible, or almost invisible? ) Sorry I ask so many questions...and thank you for taking the time to answer my question, I appreciate it.
  2. I know that there are a lot of threads that have addressed microderabrasion, but none with my specific scarring.... I'm 23 years old (in case age matters), and I have slight scarring (spots MAY just be darker and appear indented due to the color difference), from cortisone shots from my derm. If they are indented, they are very shallow, but marks can be seen clearly in certain light. So my question is, since my scars are shallow, will micro be helpful? I work at a doctor's office, and can
  3. Hey Jenn, Thank you -- I appreciate your information. So, did the one shot-scar take 2-3 months from the time you received it? or a year and that many months after? Sorry -- just trying to get a clear picture. ) Again, thanx!
  4. I've been wondering about the lactic acid also. I have some sort of scarring from my derm putting medicine into the cysts on my face last year (and up until February of this year). It's definitely nothing big -- but the spots are still there, and are a bit darker than my natural skin tone. I can't tell if they're actually indented, or if it just looks like a shadow because of the difference of color. There are two that I can feel to be very shallow, but the others feel perfectly smooth -
  5. Last year, around September, I suddenly began breaking out horribly with zits, and cysts. I had never had a break out like that before - and had NEVER had cysts. Unfortunately, I didn't have insurance, so I put off going to the dermatologist until it got so bad I couldn't help but go. I went about once a month from October to February, and each time he would inject some medicine (I can't remember what it was called -- but I think it started with a K) into one or two cysts. He told me that
  6. Hey all, Just thought I could add my two cents in here -- for what it's worth. ) I'm a licensed cosmetologist, and in school we had to learn all about facials, etc. and do X amount of them to pass and graduate. In doing so, I was able to observe many different skin types, and see the reactions to the seperate steps. With steaming, the point of the moist heat is to open the pores up before putting a mask on to attempt to clean them out. I usually could not see very much of a change in
  7. I started the regimen Last Thursday, and my skin has definitely been improving. At least, I've had no big breakouts, just a few little ones here and there that have cleared up pretty fast. I haven't gotten red, or peeled uncontrollably, so that's great. Anyway -- while I wait for my skin to dry after washing, it gets incredibly tight feeling. I'm curious if anyone knows when it should stop feeling this way. The Neutrogena moisturizer almost makes my skin feel greasy -- and yet there are st
  8. I'm curious to know if anyone has used this and found it to work well. I'd like to find a cream to help reduce the redness from former breakouts, and have seen that mentioned several times. Or is there another cream that is more effective? Also, does Vita-K double as a moisturizer? thanx for any info....
  9. Hey Maya, Thanx for the info about the mask. Does it dry your skin out? I really dislike how tight my face feels after washing it...I want to just slather on moisturizer and get my normal skin back. ha. ({|= Anyway - I ended up steaming with the vinegar water last night -- just had to try it. It was not an option to breathe while directly over the steam. lol -- but it made my skin feel very soft to the touch. (although it felt tight on my face, if that makes sense) And this morni
  10. Maral, I just looked at your location and realized that you're from Toledo, Ohio! That is really cool because I was born and raised there, till my family moved 10 minutes over the state line into Temperance, Michigan! I moved down here to Kansas after I was married in May of this year, and haven't been back up there so far. However, my man and I will be going up around Christmas, so that's going to be really great. Anyway - ha -- I know this really has NOTHING to do with anything on
  11. I'm curious -- if putting vinegar on your face with a cottonball is helpful, would steaming your face with vinegar water be beneficial in helping it to really get into the pores? Of course, you'd be unable to breathe in the steam -- ha... Has anyone tried this before? Would it be edifying to the skin? Any information on this subject would be great! ) thanx
  12. I just started this regimen, and am currently on Day 4. I am wondering if doing the ice thing at night (from the acne cure) is a good thing to incorporate into Dan's regimen. I guess I am unsure as to what the point is of icing your face down, but it sounds good. Has anyone followed his regimen pretty strictly, but added the ice thing in the evenings? If so, could you tell a difference in your skin from the ice? I read somewhere that it seemed to help your face heal faster, is that true?
  13. Starzt, How is that working out for you? I mean using the icing and the BP? Does it seem to help? I just started the regimen recently and am curious as to whether or not the icing is a good addition to Dan's regimen.
  14. Hey - thanx for the tip...my face always feels so tight after washing. :-k I'll definitely try that in the morning. Problem for me though, is it takes more than 10 seconds to make sure that my make-up is completely cleaned off. When I used to try to wash fast (before I started the regimen), the cottonball I used to put on a toner (after washing) would have make-up on it. ](*,) So....I don't think washing fast in the evening is really an option, unfortunately. But still, thank you