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  1. Hate to admit, but I do--very minimally. I get really bad breakouts on my chest and back, and tanning completely clears it up. I use at least a 15 SPF sunscreen on my face before I go and cover my face with a towel, though--sun damage breaks down collagen and I don't need that. I heard back in the 50s that some cafeterias and restaurants used a UV light to "sanitize" their silverware, so I think it might kill some bacteria. "Horny layer of skin"--I'm embarrassed that I find that so amusin
  2. Wisky, Check out ABC's "Extreme Makeovers" website and look at Kendra's picture. She looks so old, but she's only 45--the problem is that she had extensive sun damage. They were able to help the problem with a V-Beam laser, but those pictures were enough to scare me away from tanning beds, and I LOVE tanning! But a golden glow isn't worth looking like that. Have you tried the Mystic Tan? A lot of tanning places have them now as an alternative to UV tanning. It's spray on so there's no ski
  3. I had three done. I noticed some very, very minor improvement around my jaw, but nothing that was worth the money I spent. When I went to see another derm for SB I told him I had microdermabrasion done and he said, "Did you see any improvement?" I first said yes, but then admitted that only slightly so. He nodded and said that the dr. who did the microdermabrasion shouldn't have wasted my money like that. And yes, it really hurts--it feels just like rubbing sandpaper really hard against y
  4. Good luck with your SB!! / Just make sure you apply plenty of anesthetic well before you go; I layered it and it still stung a little, but it was all good nonetheless. The way I understood the process, it doesn't matter so much how often you get it done since the improvements come from your own collagen rebuilding itself and that takes anywhere from 2-9 months. You might want to ask if having the procedure every three months is beneficial over every 4-8 weeks, so you don't waste your time o
  5. Thanks fromchicago and shortwhitesprinter. That's the answer I was hoping for.
  6. thanks, a couple more things i was wondering if you dont mind - did you first go in for a consultation, and then later for your first treatment? I'd like to avoid driving to IL just for a consultation if possible. (also if anyone that went to dr. Del Campo could answer that question I'd appreciate it). as well, did the two lasers leave much of red marks or blisters? I also suffer from quite a bit of red marks- how many times are you planning on having the vstar treatment?
  7. Some people here have reported good experience with Dr. Del Campo in Chicago; I believe he has office hours on Saturdays too. Type his name into a search engine and his clinic information should come up. I go to Dr. Matthew Kelleher at Advanced Cosmetic and Laser Surgery Center; he has offices in Joliet and Naperville. I had SB and V-Star done and the price for both was $400, so I'd guess just one would be $200. If you go to the Smoothbeam/Candela laser site and go to the provider sectio
  8. I'd also be a little leery of upping the doses on supplements like that. Some substances just get washed out of your system if they're not absorbed (so you're just wasting your money) or they can be toxic if allowed to build up and aren't flushed out. I don't know if zinc is like that, but I'd still be cautious.
  9. Hey fromchicago, I'm going to Dr. Matthew Kelleher at Advanced Cosmetic Laser & Surgery Center. His office called me this morning, just to make sure I was doing okay--I've had a lot worse things done and nobody's called to check up like that before!
  10. Had my first Smoothbeam treatment today--actually, it was a combination of Smoothbeam and V-Star (for the red marks). I read where topical Vitamin C and grape seed extract is supposed to help collagen production, so I'll be using those now too. My doc said to evaluate after 3 procedures to determine whether I think it's worth proceeding on. "I don't want to waste your time or money," he said. I like him very much. Even with all the numbing cream, it still stung a little, but no pain no gain--I