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  1. So the first time (3months ago) i was prescribed-----------------Retin-A .04% - SoloDyn - Triaz this time - - - A.M. - Brevoxyl - 8 (8% bp) evoclin foam 1% Doryx 100mg P.M. Gentle Soap Retin A Micro .01% any1 have any info/opinions on that new stuff i got? oh yea and she said a lot of what i have is old and i should get microdermabrasion when my current stuff is clear and the prices were - Salac Peel - $45 per treatment and MIU $85 per treatment
  2. Isnt $20 a little much for a 4oz bottle? if u bought that 128oz one it comes out to like 1.60 per ounce which means 1.6 * 4 = $6.40 which means you make more then $13 dollars in profit per bottle thats a pretty good profit - how about a 50% cut for .org members i mean ill prolly but it from you regardless but it doesnt hurt to try
  3. ok ive been using cetaphil and aloe vera gel so i guess i was doing it right
  4. i totally burnt my face yesterday with BP some how.............. i've been using this kind for like 3months and now this happens? anyways what should i do to the redmarks it left? they go all the way down to my neck and itch a little.
  5. i do remember my older sister like "oh how cute, he got his first zit" i was in 7th grade maybe........then i just had a few every now and then until 10th grade it was a little worse and it went way down hill in 11th ( i tried proactiv of course) and now in 12th i've started going to derm and all
  6. i use water so hot that i cant keep my hand in it but i can keep my head in....weird....
  7. lol i have a little snorkle thing i use so i can stay under as long as i want!
  8. Instead of trying to sleep on my back in bed i've been sleeping on the couch and its 10x easier to sleep on your back and i think it might be helping.........too soon to tell........figured i'd share
  9. i fill my bathtub up and stick my whole head in it............
  10. when you say Green Tea, does the Green Tea Lipton/Pepsi make do the same?
  11. i cant shake the feeling that when im talking to someone that all they are looking at is my face
  12. the way i do it is..i put myself in their shoes.....if sum1 came up to me looking like i do i would be grossed out and try to ignore them
  13. i dont even try because of my face...........