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  1. Hi Dan !! What have your sesults been so far? How many rounds have you had to date? I to m thinking of doing this...I know, I know that many will say..Ohhh no..it is far to dangerous to place that into your skin....But for me...I think the risk will be worrh the possible improvment...For the first poster..Forgot your name..=) But who did you use in NYC...I was thinkign of going to the Orientrech( spelling) group..I understand thay have had much success with Silicone microdroplet..... =)
  2. Hi, I am somwwhat new here..I have lurked about for some time....And have found this board to be quite informative. I need to ask if any one here can help me find a really good doctor who knows about scar revision in the Virginia/ Atlanta area......I travel between the two often. And really need to locate a good doc to help me with my scarring...I have tried several procedures in the past....Some have helped a bit....others not.... I need to do something for some ice picks as well as some deepe
  3. Ohhhhh I so agree.......It just seems if I had an unlimited money source...I would not be able to stop improvements to myself...You know.....Soooo yes....I do know just how that feels Zombie..I feel like that many days out of a month....
  4. Ohhh thanks for the information on the Jessner peel !! I looked at the site and I think I will order one soon..Although I still am a bit scared of peels..As I have never used a peel.... How or what is the best method to actually do the peel...Do you use gauze pads to apply it ? I am a bit fearful of how to make sure you avoid getting the solution into your eyes etc..You know? I am just not sure , as in when you are doing the forehead for instance..How do you make sure when you apply a nutralize
  5. Hi, Where could I purchace a Jessner peel for home use?
  6. Hi !! I am new to the board here....Although I have been lurking for a bit...hahah!! But I wanted to ask WHERE can you buy the Jessner peel? I would LOVE to try it......But I see you have mentioned using it in layers? Hummm can you tell me more about it? Thanks so much .