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  1. Yeah sorry that what I meant. I was on mycrogynon 20 for about 2/3 years and they have switched it to co cyprindol. Which I can only go on for about 9 months or so. I did think about going to dermatologist but do you have to get referred by doctor that probably sounds silly but I am completely new to this?
  2. I've always suffered from a few spots here and there. But over the last year I would consider my self to have bad acne all of a sudden. I do suffer from blackheads on my chin. But this has never been a problem before. My jawline and forehead are the worst I have tried everything to clear up this mess..... I drink tones of water use vichy on my skin which doesn't contain anything to affect my skin. I used to use lancome a while back. I have changed my pill to see if this works in the last few