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  1. Thanks blueMA... you've been a great source of info for me !
  2. Thanks again blueMA ! Do you know of any good software that will translate Korean to English useing Internet Explorer ?
  3. Also I would like to add that it's illegal to ship 100% TCA without special hasmat precautions, so that's another reason to be at least a little skeptical of the ebay supplier.
  4. Anna Are you saying that the TCA you recieved was buffered. I don't know what is used to buffer TCA with either but I can find out if we need to know. I believe when they speak of 100% TCA in liquid form it's just a matter of convenience as opposed to calling it 99.8 or 99.9%.
  5. Silas

    Korean Study

    Thanks imbue but I'm not really interested in doing anything different then what was done by the korean doctors. If you look at the pictures in the study you can see that they treated scars much larger than the tip of a toothpick. Plus Dr. Rapaport didn't see a need to use anything other than a toothpick so it wouldn't be logical to think that I needed to.
  6. I would still like to learn exactly what is meant by this phrase {pressing hard on the entire depressed area of atrophic acne scars} It's mentioned five times in the study so it must be important imo. How is it possible to press the entire area of the scar with the type of toothpicks shown in the article...also I would like to know the purpose of pressing hard... it must have an effect that not pressing hard wound not have. So I wonder what this effect is. I did email the author of the
  7. Ok Tamara, that's fine. You do a great job here.
  8. Oursfan Why would you remove my post warning of what would likely happen if one was to try a full face 50% or 100% TCA peel and leave up a post giving directions on how to do the full face 100% TCA "peel"? What am I missing? But is good to see that some people here are starting to warn others of the dangers of TCA.
  9. http://qualitycounts.com/fpacne.html
  10. Ahhh so I guess there was a third possibility...Sorry if I alarmed anyone but I do worry that some people here won't take this stuff serious enough and end up getting hurt. Thanks for clearing that up poreman.
  11. I would advise strongly not to put 100% TCA or even 50% TCA on to your entire face..that's just asking for big trouble ! Plus I'd be skeptical of anyone that's giving out information on how to do it.
  12. I think mrstupor may be able to help you out.
  13. chiefjefe, I got my TCA from the internet but the person who gave it to me free of charge aksed me not to pass her name on so I won't. Imbue Yes I have and I've posted on this thread about it.
  14. dcychanhk With the few scars I have that I can't see yhe bottom of it's because they are so small in diameter, about as big around ad a needle. My first batch of TCA came in crystal form so I know it's 100% and I can tell you that 100% TCA will make you frost up to a milk white. If yours doesn't frost up to a milk white than it may not be 100%.
  15. I'd say my test area scars are at least 1/6 smaller so I feel sure I will need 6 treatment or less on most of my scars. I had one small icepick scar that I wasn't able to see the bottom of... and after one treatment from the Dr. and one from me it now has a bottom and is just a slightly indented scar.
  16. I did a test area first on four scars and have had good results. I did about thirty scars last Thursday and they are still scabed up but look good. For me I found that it was important to give the toothpick a little spin because just poking the tp into the scar didn't frost up the whole area of the scar.
  17. A few things I have tried when doing this on myself with 100% TCA. I've sanded the end of the toothpick just a little to give it a more rounded tip and larger area of contact. For icepick scars I use the toothpicks as they are. Also I give the toothpick a little spin back and forth to wipe the acid into the scar better. I wish there was a way to find out just how important it is to press on the entire area of the scar and how important it is to press hard, as well as how hard.
  18. mrstupor, I can't help but feel that we are missing something when it comes to applying the TCA. I have had one CROSS treatment from a Dr. and he only used toothpicks ...no Qtips or any thing like that. If there was a need to use anything other than toothpicks, I think it would have been mentioned in the korean study because the pictures show scars much larger than the wooden toothpicks they used to treat them with. Maybe the Dr. poked each pit on me more than once but I don't think so.
  19. One thing that has me confused in that Korean study is that it states five times that "pressing hard on the entire depressed area of atrophic acne scars" is the way to apply the TCA. What I'm wondering is how do you press on the "entire area" of say a boxcar type scar that is most often several times larger than the tip of the toothpick used to apply the acid. Any thoughts ?