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  1. Hmmm...our bodies are so different. Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo saved me, I even opened a new topic about it because I am so thrilled with the results. Going OFF of birth control has caused me more nightmares than anything, I have never experienced hormonal acne like that in my life - I was absolutely miserable. Now my skin is healthy and glowing and spot free, just a few little "bumps" but no real zits that are filled with any bad stuff. It's a miracle.
  2. So after nearly a year of being off of birth control and having insane flare-ups of acne (including cysts which I never used to get), I finally bit the bullet and got a new pack of it. Even after a couple of days I could feel it working - because my skin dried up and my zits healed without new ones popping up to replace them. I have been 90% clear for almost a month. I am approaching my PMS week and all I have had pop up are really tiny small ones that are hardly noticable, nothing compared to t
  3. Sounds like a cyst to me.
  4. I think this is all speculation until there are conclusive studies to prove it.
  5. I love my yellowish pale skin as well. I have dark hazel eyes and black hair, so that makes it stand out even more. The only drawback is that it does not hide blemishes. I freckle easily (I don't have many, but when it's sunny I'll get some) and if I get a cut or a scratch the scar there is pretty much with me for life. My skin is just waiting to deposit as much pigment as it can. It's weird. I think being pale is rather empowering. You stand out from the crowd of fake n' bake orange glows. I d
  6. Ugh, that's horrible. Is this how people raise their self-esteem? By belittling others? We all have a similiar condition. Why should we get a rise out of this article? We're no better than the bullies who tease us throughout our life. And there's only a couple pictures, none of which are convincing. Brad Pitt has a skin problem? Please. Angelina Jolie's mole is a flaw? You've got to be kidding. I saw them on the big screen for Mr. & Mrs. Smith and they looked fine to me. And every inch of
  7. Drink coffee... And I think the waste on your face and the waste in your intestines are two different things. But that's my opinion...
  8. How could simply sugar effect the body in such a way? It would seem like he had more of a food allergy which caused his acne to flare up. And judging by his writing, he had very extreme acne. I don't eat a lot of sugar and I still get acne. What if somebody fasted and only drank water for a week? Would their acne clear up? It just doesn't seem plausible. There is more to it. Plus the fact that there are no pictures or written documentation from the dermatologist makes me doubt this even further.
  9. I used to use Mac Studio Fix which I liked a lot, and it comes in very pale skin tones so it matches well. Right now I am using CoverGirl TruBlend, and it does look powdery but I learned a trick from Bobbi Brown: if you swipe the sponge downwards, pores will not be accentuated. If you swipe it upwards it looks more prominent. Try it yourself. Pretty cool little trick. I also noticed that when I take showers/exfoliate my makeup doesn't look so prominent. Probably because the skin is a little m
  10. I've always had red marks. I don't even notice them anymore. I suppose you could get laser surgery if they really bother you, to even out your skin tone.
  11. I wonder if there is a correlation between hormonal acne and facial hair growth for females. I noticed that the peach fuzz on my face has been increasing. It has not been darkening but on my chin I have a ton of little short fine hairs, and consequently lots of acne there. If it worsens I am definitely going to go in and see if my hormones are unbalanced.
  12. That sounds promising. I used to be on Ortho and it worked for me in the beginning, but then I began to go crazy and I started to get bad skin again. As soon as I quit my skin just went absolutely nuts. I also gained weight on Ortho. I'm due for an appointment so I am going to mention Yasmin.
  13. Stay out of the sun, you'll risk getting more if you don't.
  14. Actually, I don't find it very funny at all. I am going to be working on a project in HD and I have anxiety about it. Put yourself in their shoes. They are human just like the rest of us.
  15. It sounds like you might've messed up your metabolism when you were younger. If you starve yourself or use pills and diets, that tells your body to latch onto any fat content in food you eat in the future, thus you put on weight. Your metabolism can be boosted again, though, because you're still young. I would recommend exercise, because it will turn you into a fat burning machine. The more muscle you build, the more your body will burn fat. It's simple! Eat balanced meals. Don't overeat but
  16. Do you have thick hair? If you do that's probably your problem. I have ethnic Arabic hair so I always have had issues with shaving. I just use lots of sensitive skin shaving gel and a quality razor with three blades. That has helped me the most. Also, I shave once every two days, because if you shave every day then it aggravates the skin.
  17. I like to drink Tazo green tea. If it's sold out at the store though I will go for Lipton, even though I know it's not as good for you (the bigger companies tend to dilute and add lots of sugar).
  18. I think a lot of them take Accutane. I know Cameron Diaz did, so did Jessica Simpson. I have a feeling that Keira Knightley has as well, because she used to have problem skin (but after she got famous, not any more!). If Accutane works so well on severe acne, think about what it could do for moderate acne. That's just my opinion.
  19. It's been my experience that you don't need multivitamins. Your body will pee out most of it anyway because it's excessive. You get most of your vitamins from a balanced diet. Now, if you were eating only a certain kind of food every day, then a vitamin would probably be good...but most people don't do that because we're hard-wired to change up our meals so that we get everything we need.
  20. Actually, I experienced the opposite. My hormones went crazy when I hit 19. My skin went from really dry, to dry-oily, to oily. I don't know if it's because I stopped taking birth control, and my skin should've been this way all along, but I never had acne as much as I do now, and it hasn't been improving. The only way I've been controlling it is wearing as little makeup as possible, and a combination of Cetaphil, SA, and Neosporin. This has helped but I still get flare ups. If there was anythin
  21. Cyndotcom, I experience these symptoms although I am unsure about my blood pressure, as far as I know it's been relatively normal but I am also petite as well (5'0). I also have underdeveloped breasts (I'm a VERY small B cup while I carry all my weight down in my thighs/buttock area), which is unusual because all the women in my family are a C cup or higher... I've always thought that maybe I have low estrogen levels or high testosterone. I've never felt as "womanly" as I've wanted to, so I have