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  1. MJ should not affect acne anymore then stress. Its a myth as is eating junk food causes acne. I think its all in your mind.. as for the guy who ate an E pill and got that pimple on the forehead, that was just due to sweating.
  2. OK. Yea im sorry about the girlfriend part, I just wanted to get a point across that if you have acne you can still get a girl, so many people think girls wont like them if they have acne. Thanks for the reply on the long term effects, but look at the title of the forum, its not about inhalants or MDMA ( ecstasy ) Its about shrooms, weed, LSD. Now I know that you as Americans had DARE and Just say no class. And that is why we don’t like drugs. All I can say is look on the net and all
  3. Hey everyone. I had very bad cystic acne in high school and let me tell ya, it was not fun. I had an amazing and beautiful girlfriend let me tell u, she was perfect nice thin hot body.. She had perfect skin. Needless to say I still talk to her today. We broke up way after high school and my acne was gone. I think we went out for 3 years. Now the main event......I think my skin can use some laser that smooth beam looks great.. SO now I am 22 and I though it would be cool to open up my mind. A
  4. Im sorry but this is BS. Why should I have to pay for this. What is insurance for? How can i get free treatment, can I go to a doctor and tell him if i dont get the treatment i will just give up on life? Its not true but ill say anything to save a few grand. I just want to get rid of some scars and get better complexion. Looks are not everything but it will be nice to get rid of the scars, u cant blame me. thats a picture of me on this little website called hot or not. http://www.hoto
  5. If u blow a half 40 of oxycontin you will be happyer then anyone for 4 hrs.. just dont get hooked. I did it once years ago, never did it again. Thanks
  6. let me know how everything works out. Once again, try that stuff i mentioned. I can understand how bad it is, and the last thing you want somone to say is, it could be worst. Before i ever had acne I dated and had good times. Well one time I met a girl and she moved me, i fell in love, she did not feel the same about me, i dont know why. I had no acne and i was always going on dates. Well to make a long story short she thought i was moving to fast and i liked her to much, so she said she jus
  7. started going tanning and so far skin is all the same color. Works great. Some say tanning is not healthy I beg to differ, as long as you dont do it all the time its ok. its adding vitimans into your skin and body. Tanning is been great so far, i have yet to use cider vinagar and watter yet, but i have been drinking lemon watter and using alovera jell and its been workin good. For the most part unless im trying to find scars i cannot see them. If my scars were really bad i would see a derm and g
  8. OK i know i have acne scars. But this is the thing. They are non of what i read about. It looks like discolor in my skin, its hard to tell, If i look in the mirror my face looks good, when i look at it under bright lights like the ones at the mall, i can see scaring, and its not pits, no even rolling scars, its like almost above the surface. Just like a color pigmentation problem due to the use of topical stuff my derm gave me maybe... I dont know, what wrong. Maybe ill try the lemon juce and vi
  9. This is what hurts me, When you meet that girl that is so amazing, she has an awesome body and a great personality and she wont have a relationship because the other is not as attractive. That hurts, Im not the best looking guy because of acne scars. And it hurts because this girl hung out with me a few times and we are good friends, but she wont date me. It makes me so upset. I just want to give up on life, not because of the girl but because it i dident have acne scars i would be with her. Li
  10. untill the technology is avalble the scars cannot be treated. Im sure in 5 maybe 10 years they can reserface but rite now, the mask will be good for getting out.
  11. well u say all you want to do is be normal and to not attract attion, why dont you do this, http://www.prosthesis.com/facial.htm get a facial prosthesis did u read my last post about the movie Vanilla Sky. If i were u i would get the prosthesis and go to church etc.. Hey maybe its alittle over kill but to be honest, i would do it. just my 2.5 cents joe
  12. I have some advice for you. I understand how you must feel. As long as you can find hope you will be ok. A hope for a cure or a hope that some surgeon from Belgium can find a way to reconstruct a new human face. I think technology will be there sooner then we all think. What I recommend you do is watch a movie called Vanilla Sky with Tom Cruise. After watching this movie a few times, buy a book called Exploring the world of Lucid Dreaming by Steve laberge. I think with the use of lucid dream
  13. ST IVES MEDICATED APRICOT SCRUB. It gets all the dead skin off and it almot reserfaces the skin in the long run. its only $4 you can buy it at walmart. I have some rolling scars and i dont know about you, but i can only see them when the light hits my face a certin way. Will Tanning help this problem?