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  1. I think the more I use different kinds of stuff the more I may break out because it would irritate my skin. So I will just stick with one thing and see how it goes. I have really sensitive skin so I'm always skeptical on what I put on my face.
  2. So I used the tabasco sauce last night and this morning didn't really see a difference but throughout the day my pimples seemed less red. And the ones that were big and painful didn't hurt anymore. Don't know if I'll use the sauce again, but you never know....it might have worked. I think I am just going to stick to the regimen. Seems less irritable and has worked for many people.
  3. cjane


    How old are you? You look young and it might just be starting to hit you. Mine hit when I turned 18, but mine was much worse. So don't be too down about it.....you'll get through it!
  4. I just did the same thing. I just put tabasco sauce on my face and yes it burned and trurned my face really red.....but after the burning it's a very tingling feeling and I kind of like it.....feels good. I just rinsed with water. I will post in the morning if I see a difference. I know it was probably dumb, but you never know. Desperate times calls for desperate measures.
  5. I just e-mailed them for a sample. Does this stuff work? Any good results yet? Please PM me if this stuff works because I am sooooo desperate right now to find something. This is my 4th day on the regimen and I am getting more pimples than when I started. So please anyone.....help!
  6. I have been on the regimen for about 4 days and I have had new pimples form. Has anyone else have this happen to? I'm almost scared to keep going if it starts to get worse. I am about to start a job and college and I definitly don't want it to get worse. Please send me a message if anyone is or has gone through this. Thanks!
  7. cjane

    Day 9!

    Skin is looking good. I am on day 3 and some new zits are coming up and I am getting discouraged. I will try to stick with it though. I hope my skin starts clearing like yours is though.
  8. If anyone uses this pepper wash because anything that has fast results I am there! You always wonder about this stuff that just comes out of nowhere saying it is going to cure acne. Is it possible?? Is there a cure?? I just started the regimen and I have had more pimples show up.....is this supposed to happen?? Please let me know.
  9. I was taking B-5 vitamin to control the oil and I started having pains in my sides really bad. It all started when I started taking the vitamin...and I was only taking 3 a day and a B-complex. I recently stopped taking them and the pain has eased off...I have never heard about the kidney failure but I would not be surprised because of the pain I had.
  10. It has been a couple of days but I think I am clearing up....For some reason I actually think my red spots are fading...I think the peeling that I am going through right now is taking the skin off to fade my red spots...I heard that the BP actually makes them worse...but for some reason it's not like that for me. I don't want to get too excited though just incase I start to break out again. I am going to Florida next week and I want to be able to get some sun but I don't want to make the red ma
  11. I have recently put my pictures in the gallery. I think I'm clearing up a little vs. when I started but I'm always scared to say...b/c I might be wrong. My face is dry and peeling right now which I think is the worst part but if it gets me clear then that's fine. I have also just started taking B-5 which will maybe control the oil. I'm going to start taking 3 pills tomorrow instead of 2 that I have been taking. Hopefully I will see a difference.
  12. I woke up this morning and I still have this one on my forehead that I've has for a couple of days now but I'm not going to touch it so it will go away faster. I started using more of the treatment and we will see if I see a difference. I just have a lot of redness and alittle peeling right now. It's not so bad but I still have a lot of red marks. I have recently put my pictures in the gallery if anyone wants to see them. I'll keep ya'll updated on how things go.
  13. I have been using brevoxyl for a couple of months now and then I just started using it in the morning and night instead of just the morning and it just tore my skin up. I did put a lot on and that is probably why, but I just can't do it anymore. It turned my skin so red and so tight I couldn't even smile. Plus it burned so bad! I think I will use is on individual pimples instead of all over while using the 2.5% treatment. Thanks for your input though.
  14. I have recently switched to the 2.5% and my face is not nearly as dry and tight but I do have leftover peeling from the Brevoxyl. I refuse to ever put that on ny face again...or atleast all over. I will probably put it on the big ones that I get instead of all over. It was the worst thing ever! I am now using Brevoxyl cleanser in the morning which washes off unlike the gel. I put on the 2.5% BP treatment and then put neutrogena moisturizer on where I need it. i hope that I will get more resu
  15. Nov. 02-I have not really seen much difference yet on the regimen but I have only been on it for a day but I am very impatient when it comes to acne and I want it to be gone and quick, but I will hold out for a couple of weeks to see how things will go. I tend to use something for only a couple of weeks and if I see no results then I will change and do something else. This is probably why I see no results because I keep changing my routine. I have also recently told my little brother about it
  16. I think it all depends on your skin too. some may fade faster than others but people like me that have a lot of them are probably going to take longer to fade....it just depends. Plus it says UP to 6 months....so it depends on your skin.
  17. Nov. 01, 2003- I have had no big problem with acne until I turned 18 years old, and then it all went down hill. I even just recently got joined to an excercise program account that I paid all this money for but I'm too embaressed to go and work out. It SUCKS! I have just started the regiman tonight. I was recently using Brevoxyl that extremely dryed out my face and made it very tight so I stopped. I had to go a few days doing nothing so my face would go back to normal. Then a day or 2 after th
  18. I use Brevoxyl cleanser and gel in the morning and night and it has seemed to work for me....but it can make your face red and dry...but it works. Just use a moisturizer.
  19. I have a lot of red marks too and it sucks because my skin is about 80% smooth and clear but I have red marks. I've heard they can take about 6-12 months to fade but I have not heard of a cream to use...if anyone knows one then let me know!
  20. I having been using Minocycline(Dynacin) for a couple of months and I'm not sure if it has done anything for me but I'm also using topical medications too. I had few side affects but they went away. I did drink alcohol while on the medicine and did not have any problems but I still would not recommend it... it is dangerous to mix alcohol with medication and I probably shouldn't have done it but....I was stupid. Good luck with it!
  21. I'm really thinking of going down a dose of the BP to 2.5% instead of 4%...does anyone know if this is a good idea? #-o
  22. I have the B-5 and I am taking it a little but I'm also using brevoxyl which is drying out my face terribly and I'm thinking maybe I need to go down to 2.5% instead of 4% which is what Brevoxyl has. Does anyone know if this will be a good idea?
  23. Usually when you don't pop the pimple there is less likely to be a scar there then if you did. Also if you do pop a pimple sometimes the reddness last longer then if you didn't. I have popped pimples before because they look so disgusting up close and if I didn't then I know the next day they will just get worse but in time they get better and no scar. This might be different for other people but for me not popping pimple also helps me to not touch my face so much to make others worse.
  24. I'm using Brevoxyl and it has 4% BP in it and I'm using it in place of the On-the-spot Neutragena and it is making my face very, very dry and tight like I have a 24/hr face mask on. It is clearing up but it is torture to not be able to smile. I am using mosturizer but the Brevoxyl burns and stings something terrible. Is is safe to use a lot of it?