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  1. I think I have this also, but I still shed slightly. The topical steroids are starting to help I think......
  2. I used to think like that before i took Accutane, " all the people that committed suicide had a bad IB or accutane didn't clear their acne" f^&k was i ever wrong, once the accutane induced "depression" set in I knew right away why so many others have gone before me, when a chemical damages your brain and you can feel it, death starts to look nice
  3. "Did you know that between 1989 and 2003, 72/216 drug related suicides in those under 18 years old were taking accutane...that's what this drug can do to your brain. I bet your derm did not tell you that." way more than that, there has been thousands
  4. Comparing Advil and non prescription meds to Accutane is like comparing a BB gun to a bazooka. These are over the counter pain relievers while Accutane is a powerful chemotherapy drug... Chemotherapy drugs have the most toxic and deadly side effects out of any drugs used in conventional medicine today...by definition Accutane is a retinoid, retinoids are used in cancer to induce cellular differentiation apoptosis ( programmed cell death ) this happens all over your body and it can take years
  5. Dude , you're so right , they claim they want to inform us , but they dont just post their story then stop , they go on every thread they can find about accutane and start trying to terrorize everyone that wants to go on it. What these people dont understand is that theres a lot more people with succes stories than horror stories and that one should not be prived from a very effective acne treatment because another very unlucky person had a bad exprience . They're just frustrated and jealous tha
  6. people have developed permanent side effects from little doses as well, but i think the chances are definetley greatly reduced OBV
  7. I take my above post back. No one can tell you if you will suffer permanent side effects or not, not Roche, not any dermatologists, not your parents, no one on this site, no friends that say it is a wonder drug, etc. They say that around 13 000 000 million people worldwide have taken the drug since 1982. Now if only 10% of people experience permanent side effects ( I would normally place that percentage much higher but let's be nice, and by permanent I mean starting to have side effects pop
  8. My suggestion is that you DO NOT go on Accutane especially if you only have mild/moderate acne. You are risking PERMANENT damage by taking this drug Accutane is used to treat CANCER, it is a CHEMOTHERAPY drug Roche and your dermatologist are liars, this drug causes long term damage and you should avoid it at all costs Try every soap, scrub, antibiotic, vitamin but DO NOT touch Accutane, it is toxic and it will destroy your life eventually. People that took Accutane in the 1980's are still s
  9. i took that off a website thats why it's quoted duh by the way there has been class action lawsuits and all sorts of personal lawsuits. don't even talk before you know the facts. in 2007 alone there was 430 cases of IBD and 300 cases of ulcerative colitis reported to the FDA, they say that only 1 out of every 10 severe side effects get reported so you can imagine how many really are getting damaged by this drug... and it's funny I was taking a look at a drug called thalidomide, a medicine tha
  10. AMEN!!! Ugh. It's just plain rude. She says, "It changes your brain chemistry and fucks you up." Wow. That conclusion must have taken a long time to research. Maybe she should publish it. It already has been published. 1. http://www.pnas.org/content/101/14/5111.full "The results demonstrate that the regions of the adult brain where cell proliferation is ongoing are highly sensitive to disruption by a clinical dose of 13-cis-RA." 2. The study was subsequently published in the Am
  11. you should raise your dose up and go on for another 6 months, acne will be gone then!
  12. atleast it says something about their credibility and lack of trust "A message to the Roche Pharmaceutical Company, makers of Accutane (Roaccutane): On your Australian web site, you say that "There is a great deal of inaccurate and misleading information about medications on the Internet written by people without medical/healthcare training." While that is true, I believe that you are trying to undermine the credibility of the many people who criticize your product. First, consider how A