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  1. Hello Everybody....I´ve been following this site for a very long time but only now I have decided to make my first post. First I will tell you a bit about myself and my acne. (Hope its not too long to read!! ) So Im a 23 year old girl from Portugal who has suffered from acne ever since I was about 9...they started a small bumps ,and then when I was about 13 they really got horrific...on my chest,back, arms, scalp and my face was covered with deep painful inflamattory acne. I was diagnosed w
  2. Are you still breaking out with 2 doses? How long have you been taking the antibiotic?
  3. If i grow immune to doxy wil i automaticly be immune to mino since they are so simmilar.? Doxy would clear me up from one day to the other Bump Bump
  4. Hello Im new in here can someone please give me some advice?? I suffer from severe acne with cysts pustules come done so and inflammatory pimples. I took Diane 35 for about 5 years then stopped when it killed those girls in France. Went on a three month accutane course. Lately over been taking doxycicline since June 2014, and about three weeks ago I grew immune to it. My derm prescribed me Minocyclin with she guaranteed it would do the same as Doxy Doxy would clear me up beautifully from one