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  1. HEY i've done that before too, and it went away! amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing.
  2. Yeah I think i'm going to get off this crap and tell my dermo straight up what I want. I'm pretty sure i'm going to get on accutane... but is it expensive??? Or does like your insurance cover it up?? I guess i'll find out sooner than you reply so yeah. TEXONIANS KICK ASS! Yeah I think that too. I don't know the term for the breakouts but they just come up in the same spots. My chin, forehead, and the sides of my face oh and by the hairline. I also get some randome pimples and breakouts
  3. Ahaha that's funny......but mean. That's true how people only do that to make themselves feel better. Oh well I feel bad for britney she's been getting ragged on alot not just for acne but for her baby too. Oh well. Sucks for her.
  4. Awsome!!! That's great! Yeah i'm just really nervous about the side effects but oh well. Thanks man. Wow that's pretty intense about the nose bleeding and stuff. Yeah I think shaved eyebrows would be a nice look.......lol. I'm glad it helped your acne that's great. Thanks.
  5. I've been on Minocycline for about 4 months now, and I know it's not that long but I have seen absolutley NO improvement. So I was wondering if anyone else has used this before and if so how well has it worked for you? I'm thinking about switching to a different medication but i'm not sure which one, mabe accutane. So your thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  6. Yeah I really think i'm going to get on it. I'm going to set up an appointment and go see the Dermo. So thanks for your input!
  7. Aw well thank you! You should get some pictures on here! Thanks again. Like I would say 4 or 5 months. I guess I should give it some more time, like yourself. Thanks!
  8. Yeah your right it doesn't make her an expert but she was just telling me what her teacher told her. Thanks for the information though I guess I am just worried about how everything might work. Yeah I pluck my eyebrows instead of wax, but still it kinda freaks me out thinking about the side effects and what COULD happen. I guess i'm just a pussy though Oh well I guess I should just stfu and quit my bitchin and do it. Thanks for your thought!
  9. Well, my sister goes to cosmetolgy school and learns all about acne and pimples so she tells me everything about it. She says that accutane thins your skin out and makes it wear you can't even get sunlight. Also at the salon she works at she had a customer come in, and some lady was getting her eyebrows waxed and she didn't tell the person who was doing them that she was accutane and not only did her hair come off but so did her skin. So I wanted to be on this medication, but I think I would ra
  10. Ok soI have splotches in a lot of various places on my face. I've had them for a few months and they won't go away. I'm scarred their going to stick with me forever Here's a picture that's on my cheek so yeah, any suggestions????? Oh I don't know how to post a picture on here so I've gotta put this thing so click on that to see and help me out please!. Splotches
  11. Yeah i'm pretty much pale too. I use Bare Minerals, it's some pretty amazing stuff. It's much better than liquid foundation that clog pores. You can even sleep in it because it's that good yeah huh sure 'nough. It can be pretty pricey but it's really good.
  12. I tried Proactive but I didn't see any results I think it irritated my skin. I don't know I stopped using it though. A lot of my friends said it worked for them so I think it's a good moneys worth. Kthanks.
  13. Miscellanious (I think that's how you spell it)