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  1. Manuka Oil, its like tea tree oil but 30x stronger and no harshness.
  2. yeah it should arive next thursday! im excited. I stopped using baxters herbal mint toner. dryed me out. also stopped using clean an clear blackhead scrub. I was putting too much stuff on my face. Plus my moisturizer sucks! (xcd defender). So i ordered a new one today by metro male.
  3. Go get some aloe vera gel. that may soothe the irritation for now.. have you used SA before? maybe your allergic.
  4. I use ddf bp + tea tree oil. Im also ordering the DDf aloe complex toner and the DDF hydra mask tonight.
  6. I suggest you take command and see what you want to see... i mean shit, your paying for it.
  7. Kept me 100% clear throughout my treacherous highschool years (thank the Lord). Then i started breaking out, it didnt control them at all last summer so i quit it. I gave it another go THIS summer, seemed to work at first, then i got the worst breakout which im still recovering from and am now using botchlas regimen to help play clean up crew. I used proactiv for 2 months this summer, i had faith in it and everything. oh well. fuck proactiv! Although i continue to use their toner i am goin
  8. ^^you are wrong. Proactiv not only has BP in their wash, but proactiv also has 2.5% bp in a lotion you apply and leave on.
  9. Havent any of you heard of manuka/emu oil? They destroy these kind of pimples.
  10. How can you react badly to water?! Try buying bottled water and using that (something i may start doing lol). And its not expensive, if you go to like sams club you can get these huge things of like 32 bottles of water for like 5 bucks.
  11. Get a good bodywash with maybe tea tree oil in it, as well as 10% bp cleanser. Leave the cleanser on your skin for like 2-3 min before washing it off.