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  1. Would you guys want to give your full name on a public internet forum? I certainly wouldn't. This isn't just a privacy issue, it's a safety issue too. I am training for a very public career also (not acting) and feeling like you're constantly being scrutinzed, even if some people really aren't scrutinizing you, is very stressful. However, my skin is finally clear after a very long battle...it's a feeling I can't even describe. Best of luck with your career, OPD (oops, almost typed your name
  2. Fun topic! -Last week I gave a package of gum to a homeless schizophrenic man (he asked me for gum) -I eat cereal by the boxful. Seriously, I go through two or three boxes a week. I love it -I also drink water by the gallon -I am obsessed with boots. The naughtier the better -The clothes in my closet must always be arranged by type and according to the order of colors in a rainbow and white, black, grey, brown, etc. at the end within each type -I hate wearing clothes to bed -I don't mind sha
  3. I'm German-Irish and mine hide the red marks too. The red marks are faded a lot now so it's hard to tell what's a red mark and what's a freckle, even to me. I've always loved freckles and I think it's a shame when people hide them.
  4. Hey sweetie, I just wanted to say that when I clicked on this thread I was struck by what a pretty girl you are. Sorry, no advice, just a compliment.
  5. Actually, a combination of Differin, Doxy, and Clindimyacin cleared my persistant acne, which had become severe and cystic.
  6. I tried using it twice a day, and my skin went all pink and got oilier. Don't overuse this product, it works better if used just once daily.
  7. I second the Purpose. I use the wash and the lotion w/ SPF-15. Now, I've tried many many products over the years and this is one of the only ones that doesn't irritate my skin. FYI I've been on Differin and Doxy for 4 months now and they cleared me up beautifully. I experienced an IB that lasted 1 1/2 - 2 months but it was more than worth it. My skin is pretty clear these days.
  8. It could very well be an ingrown hair, that happens to me every so often from waxing/shaving. Try putting warm compresses on it. That won't be irritating. If it's an ingrown hair, it may help the hair come to the surface and then you can tweeze it. Or, if it is a pimple, it may help it to heal more quickly. Good luck!
  9. Yes, I am also taking Doxy (half the recommended dose) and I use one clindamyacin wipe in the a.m. I use Purpose facial wash (completely hypoallergenic) twice daily (once in the a.m., once in the p.m.) and Purpose lotion with SPF 15 during the day. I only use a pea-and-a-half sized amount of Differin after I wash my face at night. Sometimes I put lotion over it, sometimes I don't...but when I do, I wait at least an hour so that the drug absorbs properly.
  10. I had moderate acne (with some random jawline cysts, if that still qualifies as moderate) and I experienced the worst break-out I'd ever had in my life for about 6-8 weeks after starting Differin. However, it subsided and now it almost looks like I've never suffered from acne in my life. I just have a few pesky redmarks to eradicate now. If Differin works for you, it will get better. Much better.
  11. When I used a pea-sized amount for every part of my face my skin went all pink. If I use a large-sized pea amount for my entire face that doesn't happen and my skin stays just as clear.
  12. My skin actually cleared up nicely with Differin and I experienced a BAD IB (for two months). I was unable to shake those last few pesky break-outs though, and couldn't figure out why. I used an AHA moisturizer with it too (not at the same time during the day), even though it was recommended that I not do that. It turned out that this tended to make my acne worse because it was very irritating to the skin (Differin decreases the thickness of your skin and AHAs do as well). It was like hittin
  13. Yea, my IB lasted for about 1 1/2 - 2 months but my skin is amazingly clear now.
  14. I've been taking Doxy for three months. After two months, I switched to taking only one pill in the evening because it was too difficult for me to find that several hour window in the mornings/afternoons not to eat. I noticed no difference. I'm also using the clindamyacin wipes once daily and Differin gel once daily. I had cyctic acne. Now I only get tiny little whiteheads, and I keep getting fewer and fewer of them. I'm down to 1 pimple a week these days (though my menstrual cycle has cau
  15. Since Differin thins the layers of your skin, stuff is going to come to the surface that you may not have noticed before. Hang in there, this is totally normal. I have been on Differin for two months (I keep posting about it, haha) and this happened to me, but my blackheads have been almost completely cleared up now. I should tell you that these are blackheads that I've had for 11 years. Gone. It's worth it. Good luck, I hope Differin is a good product for you.