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    24/05/06<br />Im suffering from face, back and chest acne. Also, im really self-conscious of my chest and back scars, so its now been 5 years since ive able to have real fun at the beach. <br /><br />My battle hsitory with acne.<br />Started geting bacne/face acne when i was 15, and i was naive enough to think they would go away itself.<br />At 17, i went on Oratane, this pill, which made my skin dry and lips really dry, also side affects were going plumfaced and sometimes fatigue. I stayed on it for two years.<br />now im 20, and i recently had a breakout on my face. <br /><br />Bacne and chest ance has never stopped since.<br /><br />Discovered this forum and very intrigued with the SEA SALT REGIME.

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  1. peter parker


    Will these chest scars from pimples ever go away?
  2. hey thanks for the info also, has yours completely faded damien? ne1? I will try bio oil, then go for the sea salt approach if bio doesnt work sorry for the duplicate thread, i only did a search in bance.
  3. hey, just want to say thanks for the stories. Its good to know that im not the only one out there with the bacne problem and how its changed my life. Ive been depressed but, as someone said early, it really is just a Mental hurdle. thanks again.
  4. i have something similar to that, but thats because i had chest acne, and those white lumps were the final scarring result.
  5. I was just watching tv, and this commercial appealed to me. It was about Bio-oil. The commercial was very stress marks affected oriented but it also mentioned that bio oil helps reduce scars. And as you all, i desperately want to rid myself of my bance and chest scars. I did a search http://www.dooyoo.co.uk/skin-care/bio-oil/1010559/ and after reading, they say it isnt your 'say it works, but doesnt'. anyway, have any of you tried it? Im gonna buy it and see if it works.