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  1. Thanks for the replies guys! I think it's just really hard to tell if I'm making progress because there are so many of them and the process is so long. I have been taking pictures every day and after looking at them a little longer, it does seem that there is some progress - but I'm not too sure. I'm sorry to hear that. So far it doesn't seem like mine are making much progress either. Hopefully we see some change soon. 1 month on accutane (20mg/day) has caused my closed
  2. I am about to start my second week of Claravis (60mg) - this is my first course. So far I'm just purging and drying out. I know that it is way too soon to be concerned with progress, but this question has been in the back of my mind since I started my course: How well does isotretinoin work for closed comedones? Since I am so early in my course, my closed comedones haven't budged a bit. I'm just a little worried that they might not budge at all. I have read from some people that isotreti
  3. http://imgur.com/OGW9ChZ Sorry for the quality - it was taken on my cell phone in my dorm bathroom. These bumps on my skin have been driving me absolutely crazy. I'm not sure what they are, but they are especially noticeable when I put on my makeup. In fact, they make my makeup look caked on and pretty awful. They are throughout my face in the same amount as on this cheek. Even without makeup, they are skin colored and have no "head". And I have no idea what they are. I was thinking pityro
  4. Does what it says

    It removes all of my makeup, including my eye makeup (and I wear a decent amount of makeup). Used in combination with a gentle cleanser, this is perfect for making sure your face is completely clean before bed. I haven't experienced any breakouts or dry skin with this product. I definitely recommend it!
  5. The only foundation I will use

    Although I do not think this is something that should be used as a treatment for acne, I believe it is something that should be used in combination with your skin clearing routine if you want to wear makeup. It won't cause breakouts, it's gentle, and it soothes irritated skin throughout the day. When I have this on, I feel like I'm fighting my acne all day and preventing anything new from forming under my skin. I apply with a foundation brush on top of my moisturizer and then use skin-clearing
  6. Great for sensitive skin

    I found that my previous cleanser was way too harsh on my skin. I was red, itching, and flaking. I started using this product twice a day in combination with my BHA lotion and my skin looks so healthy. I don't recommend this product for clearing up acne (although it does NOT cause acne), but if you are using other products that contain SA or BP and are just looking for something that will hydrate and gently cleanse your skin, this is a great purchase. It also does not remove makeup. I wear makeu
  7. The only thing that has worked!

    I use this after my shower every night and I haven't had bacne in months. I know a lot of people cleared up in a manner of days or weeks, but for me, it took several months. It was definitely worth the wait though - my skin evened out, scars faded, texture improved, and now I am clear. I highly recommend trying this product. It sprays on easily and cools irritation. Just be patient and I'm confident you will see results. For a decent period of time I also washed my back with apricot scrub in t
  8. Wonderful for closed comedones!

    If you're looking for a BHA for sensitive skin, this is a great product. I use this twice a day and it doesn't make me itch, flake, or turn red. I was originally using Paula's Choice 2% BHA liquid, but I found that it was too harsh for my skin. BHA's (especially Paula's Choice) are wonderful for evening out skin texture (closed comedones) and reducing breakouts, so if you're using one that is too harsh for your skin, don't give up! Try this lotion. It is super gentle and goes on light and dries
  9. kimintie


    My skin has cleared! It didn't take long at all - the very next morning after dropping Murad's Clarifying Cleaner, I noticed HUGE improvement. Aside from some red marks and very few closed comedones, my skin is clear! Paula's Choice 1% BHA lotion and Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser were just what my skin needed. They are extremely gentle, they don't sting or make my skin feel tight, and they don't dry me out. Even without being harsh, they are preventing breakouts and quickly elimina
  10. kimintie


    Well, I just started college about a week ago. Unfortunately, I think my skin is in the worst state it has been in a long time. I thought the culprit was my Paula's Choice BHA liquid, but I have recently discovered that is not the case. I have been using Murad's clarifying cleanser for a couple of months now. It worked great to begin with, but now I am far from great. My skin is super oily and flaky at the same time and I am red all over. I stopped using Paula's Choice and I know that my moi
  11. Do not purchase

    This product worked well for me for about a month. Although it did nothing fantastic, it kept my acne under control. However - now my skin has gone to hell. This cleanser is extremely harsh and has me (who has the oiliest skin in the world) flaking and red. I am broken out in bumps everywhere on my skin and even though I have cut back to washing just once a day, this cleanser has me peeling all over and does nothing to combat my acne. Don't be fooled. This product might work to start with, bu
  12. So it has now been 12 days since I have started using Paula's Choice 2% BHA liquid and De La Cruz Sulfur Ointment. Here are my thoughts so far on the individual products: Paula's Choice 2% BHA Liquid I'm still not sure how I feel about this product. The good news is: my closed comedones (what I was trying to eradicate by buying this product in the first place) are 100% gone on my cheek and about 80% vanished on my forehead. The bad news is: my skin looks simply awful. Although I'm producing
  13. So I just started using Paula's Choice 2% BHA Liquid. I ordered the product and have been using it for the past 5 days and nights. I bought this product because of the incredible reviews both on this website and other places online. My acne was clear prior to using this product with the exception of closed comedones on my right cheek and forehead. My forehead being my biggest problem area. This is why I bought Paula's Choice... for my closed comedones. And wow... finally something cleared th
  14. kimintie

    August 8

    Today was a pretty rough day. Looking in the mirror this morning actually upset me quite a bit. Although I know that my skin is coming along fine, I didn't like what I saw in the mirror. There were no new breakouts, just the same scarring and comedones, but it made me feel pretty hopeless. Generally I feel the most upset about my acne in the morning. I guess it's because I somehow always expect to wake up and see big improvements. Having patience is difficult. I got a little sun today and af
  15. I was there too... and I had a pool in my own backyard. I didn't even want my family to see the back acne that I had. One day I sucked it up and went outside to enjoy the sun. Granted, it was just me and my mother... but I still felt embarrassed. Thankfully she was always very supportive, so I eased myself into going outside more and more. I actually found (for me) that the sun helped to clear my acne too (this is quite the opposite for many people, so be careful). Eventually I took an even bigg
  16. I used to have mild back acne as well. I had it for a good 6 or 7 years until I finally found the solution that worked for me. It definitely does suck. I always felt so self-conscious wearing a bathing suit or tank top. Everyone's skin is very different, so a lot of my experience was just trial and error. At first I just used the Target brand apricot blackhead and blemish scrub (just a cheaper version of St. Ives). This worked to an extent, but not as significantly as I would have liked. The
  17. Hi, leanna123! I appreciate your comment. When you are referring to not putting oil on my skin, are you referring to the coconut oil? Or are you referring to another product I am using?
  18. Although I have been browsing this website for several years, I just joined as a member a couple of days ago. This website and its users have directed me to the products I use that have helped me achieve clear skin. This community was always helpful and encouraging to me as a mere lurker, so I have joined in hopes of helping and encouraging others the same way many of you did for me. And although my skin has come a long way, it is by no means 100% clear. I still struggle with my self-esteem