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  1. Is subcision something that gets done by a plastic surgeon?
  2. So I have these scars on my chin for quite sometime. Like many people with scars they make me very self conscious and very depressed. I need to know what type they are and what I should do about them? I have been recommended trying an IPL as well as " fraxel" treatment. Both of which I am very hesitant about. Has anyone had any success with these or anything else? I would really really really appreciate any sort of feed back, thank you!!
  3. ok so I went to a a couple laser skin places to talk about treatments for an acne scar I have. One lady recommended an IPL and another recommended a "fraxel laser". I am a male and honestly have no idea what to think of either treatment, they said it would be minor because its such a small area, but it still get me nervous thinking what if they make it worse?! Anyway I posted a few pics, I;ve been told its not that bad but too me, it has personally ran my life and another with self esstem i
  4. Ok so I have this scar on my chin that has just seemed to get dark and darker as the years go on. I wear sun screen constantly. It's weird because in some light you can't even see it but under the right lighting or shading, especially in pics it gets very dark. I have never seen or ask any professional about it so I don't even know what "type" of scar it is which makes it hard to research online. I thought that after my acne was gone I would be happy, but I'd rather have small acne than th