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  1. I'm starting to think it may be the lotion, not the BP. I did a test on my arm, and while it did not get red and swollen, it did sting. This morning, I tried to start again. The BP felt fine, and 10 minutes alter when i put on the lotion, it started to sting (I am using 1/4 of what I had been using).
  2. I started using 1 pump of BP (up until 3 months ago when I would apply it only when things got bad, I would usually use half the recomended amount, no problems). But right now, I have only applied everything a total of 2 times. I'll do a spot test on my forearms (right arm BP, left arm moisturizer) to see if anything happens. Hopefully its just from starting too fast, or the moisturizer. I really don't want to have to see a dermatologist over this, and get put on antibiotics like I was in ba
  3. I've got a question. I used the regimen a few years ago, and saw a dramatic improvement. Over time, things got better, so i stopped, and only used BP when needed. I eventually ran out of everything but cleanser, and as expected, things got worse. Before, I never had any problems once I my skin adapted to the BP, but now I am concerned. Around my eyes seem very puffy and swollen, especially my upper eye lids. After aplying everything, my skin stings for over an hour, something that has neve
  4. I highly doubt there is a connection. For the past month i have been on a low carb diet, which means no bread, no sugar, no highly processed foods, and a few other things. I have noticed absolutely no impact on my acne, if anything it is a little worse.
  5. Definately don't worry about the side effects. I've been on prednisone about four or five times a year for the past several years for my asthma, and have never had any long term side effects. Occasionally i will eat more, be more irritable, and have insomnia, but that is at a higher dose than you have. The reason it works so well is it is like swallowing the cortisone shots everyone gets.
  6. Ok, its been about 2 months since i started the regimen, and for the most part, i am 90% clear. I still have blackheads on my nose and chin, but for the most part, white heads, papules, and pustules are gone. However, I still am getting cysts. Right now i've got two large painful red lumps. Since its been 2 months, does this mean it is as good as it is going to get?
  7. Thanks, I will keep trying it. Now get this, i have been clear for almost a month (been using the Clear Skin regimen), and today up pops another cyst, on my other cheek. I now have twin cysts.
  8. YEA!!!!!! Congrats LabGirl! I have been following your thread and am finally they are giving it to you! Congrats and enjoy the clear skin!
  9. Unfortunately, going to a derm right now is completely out of the question. I simply cannot afford the visit, the shot or any of the perscription meds they will try to put me on. It basically sucks right now, but i will live. I'm thankful it is only one and not my entire face. Just really don't like the ones right near my glasses.
  10. Well, i tried it... It seems to have a small head now, where as before it had nothing. Hopefully this thing goes away quickly, my glasses are really making this one sore!
  11. THanks for the suggestion, i will definately try that!
  12. I have a cyst beginning, and i was wondering if anyone knew any tricks to keep it from getting huge. Right now it is a small (size of a large pea), sore, red spot. Why i am really concerned is it is right where my glasses sit on my nose, so this is going to get very painful. Going wihtout my glasses until it is gone is not an option, nor is going to a derm for a cortisone shot. Any hints?
  13. I second the cyst thing. I get them and that is exactly what it sounds like, painful big bumps that dont go away for a while. If you can afford it, go see a derm because this type of acne is likely to cause scaring.
  14. Well, two and a half months have passed since i started the regimen, and for the most part, my skin stays totally clear. The only down side is i still am getting one or two cysts per month, but they do go away much faster than before, so I can't complain. I was considering adding a lotion with AHA, or something similar, because my face is still pretty flaky. Not noticable durring the day when i have makeup on, but definately noticable before I put on moisturizer. My other question is will
  15. The gel i have is good for almost a year (and i go through about a tube every 2 months). If you are using 1.5 fingers of on the spot, i would say start with .75 of a finger with the CSR gel (3/4 of the recomended amount of both).