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  1. does anyone know if u have to take this pills 3 times a day and one time a day?
  2. I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations of dermatologists in the NJ or NY area. thanks
  3. i do all the time lol. i hoping sum day wit will go away, along with the acne. [-o<
  4. Zapyt is indeed a very good product i used it 1 year ago , and it kept me clear for 6 months.
  5. i took mino and drunk beer, and i was fine. i guess as long if u dont drink everyday.
  6. iv heard it works, and its suppose to use reduce oil drastically. im thinkin of ordering it.
  7. i have very oily skin as well, and mild acne. Im goin to the derm this monday , and she is goin to perform jessner peels on my face. I heard there was lots of success on elminating oily skin and acne. wish me luck
  8. Has anyone seen abc news on channel 7 at 5pm, about two days ago, they had a special on a new acne break through, i missed it cuz i was at werk. Does anyone know any info on this?
  9. Ok guyz, i just received my blood test results and the doctor said it was really good. I asked him if my acne was caused by hormornal and he said no cuz my testostrone level not to low or high. Since my overall health is good, i dont kno what else can be causing my acne and the extreme oil on my face :onfire . Its just so annoying. I am on Dynacin from my derm but like i would get 95 percent clear then i get a big break out. Its like this every week. Anybody have any suggestions. I dont eat fru
  10. I am on it now, funny you ask, i am on it for about a month, cleared me up alot, but ever since 3 days ago i am breaking out again. ](*,) I am going back to the Derm this thursday. i think the Dynacin for me is starting to stop working for me.
  11. i been on alezaic acid for almost a month and saw no difference in oil control. my face is still oily. #-o
  12. yea i am using alzaic acid now with the antibiotics but i still get oily skin, it hasnt reduced
  13. ok i been takin antibiotics and it is somewhat working, but my skin gets so oily. Is B5 the only supplement that will reduce or elminate oily skin? i hate oil so much all over my nose and by my cheeks. any suggestions
  14. ok i went to the dermatologist 2 days ago she prescribed me antibotics and cream to put on my face. The antibotics is called Dynacin(Minocycline HCI tablets) she told me take them one at breakfast time and one at dinner time a day. She all so told me to put this gel cream on my face once a day and its called Finacea(azelaic acid)gel,15 percent. Has anyone know about this products or use them. Wanna know if they will work.