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  1. hey i tell her to fuck off everyday and use somenasty words on my defense but whatever i just lock my self in the room and come here to feel better.
  2. man even if there is a sad ending let us know so we can comfort u , and that i dont have to feel bad about myself when others are getting lucky
  3. I have a spiderman folder that has my social studies and lit stuff in it...

  4. hey im back , WHERE R U??

  5. lol i dont like people generally they always tend to hurt me
  6. wow thanx guys , im feeling bit better now , ill try to rember that elizabeth , rusalka im scared that i might end up not being alive to see spiderman 4
  7. U KNOW WHEN UR LIFE JUST DOENST HAVE meaning anymore , whne everytime u think positive and try to be happy someone always puts u down , especially when that someone is ur own mom , i jsut cant really take all this emotional stresss she causes me and emotinally depreses me , i dont know what to do anymore , my goal in life was to be a basketball player but right now i jsut feel like giving up , whats the point of having a goal if i just cant focu on it because im always depressed and someone alw
  8. crap man that sucks , well welcome to the org ur among fmaily here we are one big one u can alwasy share ur problems with us and count on ur org friends cuzz WE ARE FAMILYYYYY
  9. yeah no wrinkles when were 80 but were still gunna be fragile , weak with pain everywear and no teeth
  10. sorry for this but at the part where u thought u hit something , becarefull man u dont want to have a broken heart and a broken head too, fuck her man if shes with someone else let her , get ur self someone else trust me im broken hearted, u have no idea shit i ve been thur cuz of this one freaking girl , but u know what there are so many all u have to do is shape up get ur self to gether and see the word as freedoom
  11. hey whats up , who r u?