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  1. Guys I don't even remember how long I've been on accutane but it works!!! I'm so happy, no new pimples, redness almost gone and no oily skin at all. If I get a pimple it's usually pretty small and it dries up by itself alone overnight. I stopes wearin makeup and I just walk my face with something called "avenue eau thermale" and it's literally like just water but really pure water and my skin feels now smoother and I feel like this is going to work. Thank you for the support. Things are going we
  2. Im so done with it right now. Today this dude said "damn what happened to your face, you even got a pimple on your neck" "you ate lots of junk food the other day, that's why" then I friend said to him "what's your problem?" And he said "but just look at that thing" I literally died inside I wanted to cry so badly they just don't get it, it's a horrible feeling when people point it out. Some other would just say "what a huge zit" I would just smile and pretend it was ok, I just acted like i didn'