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    Drawin, movies, music, video games, all that cool shit ;)<br />and cailini
  1. so, people. ACNE isn't that bad! its pretty bad, but you gotta remember that you could be in a whole lot worse situation
  2. haha yeah i know what you mean labgirl, i got a myspace recently and i cant fuckin stand it, i got no discipline to keep goin on...i frickin hate it.
  3. hey i always thought you were in your twenties for some reason...your av maybe... good luck tho mate
  4. I would be extremely suprised if you didn't have a blog good to hear that your hot tho
  5. hm...yeah I see where your coming from, but I don't really like taking songs too literally. EDIT: Oh sorry jus read
  6. STD's be the least of your worries after that chick, Posh. Ever heard of Morgellon's disease? I bet my right nut she fuckin has it. (Morgellon's, that is, not my right nut.)
  7. Correct, but you're forgetting, acne can lead to all of these things: eg: You are driving a car, your cousin and gf/bf are with you in the car. Too worried about your skin due to a recent breakout, you check the mirror. You fail to see the burglar running across the road. You swerve, crashing into a telephone pole. (car crash) Your cousin is killed instantly. (dying relative) As the windscreen shatters, a thousand pieces of glass are lodged in your chest and face. (getting stabbed) T