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  1. i love these three products, they changed my face so much, that most days i dont even need to wear makeup, but i am still self conscious..however the only frustrating thing about this is that the bottle caps don't work on some of them, I recently got a fresh new kit, and the Advanced Acne treatmeant, the dark blue capped can..nothing came out, oh and my first ordered kit, deep cleanser one, stopped working even when half the the stuff is still in there...my question is, if i repackage and send t
  2. well this product was so promising at first, my skin was clearing up incredibly, with no white heads,pimples, anything for a good month i would say. Now unfortunately my luck and overall happiness is changing to FML.. again...whiteheads came back, and quite a few of them. i don't know if its because the time of the month is coming up, or what...but I'm highly annoyed, and there supposed to be sending me, anoher months supply, which i might be returning ... so disgusted!
  3. A face cream derived from human breast milk and the coconut oil could help to cure acne and other skin related problems, a new research has found. Scientists at the University of California San Diego have discovered that an ingredient found in mother's milk called lauric acid, which is also present in the coconut oil, can help reduce irritation and spots on the face. Dissaya "Nu" Pornpattananangkul, a biomedical PhD student and a postgraduate researcher at the UC, said that a face cream contain
  4. does anyone know if i can use retin-a with this regimen? i follow this regimen like how it says that you should, i am considering calling costumer service. i have been on retin-a for 3 months, and would just hate to quit this now.
  5. max clarity is simply amazing, its clearing up my skin so much... i hope this continues too. i've been using this stuff roughly around two weeks, and my pimples are clearing, and i don't have anymore whiteheads/cysts (which i use to get here an there). if i do get a cyst, i notice that it clears up in 3 days, where before, it would just stay on my skin for weeks! so yay, i am pretty happy! i just now have some scarring and hyper-pigmentation that i need to work on. gonna continue to use this stu
  6. I was really surprized how quick I got my delivery. I think it was in a matter of a few days. So I am really liking the results my pimples are decreasing in size, and it the time of the month for me where my acne gets worse, it hardly even looks it! My friends and fam are noticing a huge difference. I however have a question so before getting this product I have been using retin-a micro gel 0.01, to help with my scars and hyperpigmentation. I was wondering if I can still use this along with my n
  7. i just got my order in for max clarity, which i am really excited about! and i am currently using retin-a micro, and i was wondering if i can use it with salicylic acid?
  8. A really good dermatologist in Massachusetts. Thanks!
  9. i have across the bridge of my nose and forehead , pitted/indented purple marks all shapes and sizes, i don't know if i have to wait for my acne to clear up all together for me to even do anything about it, but i would like to know if i can, and what can type of treatment can i do for them? its very depressing. I've bought products like bio oil, and scarzone and i am going to try those for now. tonight i had to file my nails down, after seeing the damage i have done. The worst part is i have a h
  10. anyone try "dermabrasion with eggs"? you can either hard boil and egg and use the skin of it, or you can crack open an egg, and get the skin of the egg only, then you apply the skin to your spots that are red. leave it on for about 15 mins and it should decrease the redness incredibly and also the size of the pimples. I just tried this tonight, and i see a difference already... i actually found this today and coincidentally my mom is making deviled eggs tonight, so it worked out greatt!!!! hope
  11. It was announced on the tyra banks show, and i kinda want to try it, but that means i have to order off the internet, and that turned out to be a bad experience last time. I read it has vitamins and minerals, and your suppose to see results in two weeks! its 30 bucks for a 1 month supply, it sounds too good to be true. idk what to do. Anywyas just thought i let everyone know about a new product.
  12. You use tomato leaves, and hit them in the microwave for about five mins, or a least until they are hot. Then you spread Vix vapor rub onto the hot tomato leaf, and apply it to the cyst, and leave it on there. Its supposedly supposed to draw out the infection, or dry out the cyst. I got this information from a woman who doesn't have the best health care insurance. I wish i met her sooner, because i had a cyst a little while back, and i get them occasionally. I'll definitely try this, if i do ge
  13. its coconut water, which you can get at a supermarket. what you do is you put the bottle or carton in the refrigerator to get it cold, and then you take it out and you use a cotton ball and swab it over you whole entire face, or if you skeptical you can always spot treat in case your afraid of creating more unwelcome friends hehe. For me, i had a couple of inflamed pimples, and when i woke up this morning, they all went down considerably. i am very pleased, and for anyone who does try this, i ho
  14. i read that to fight breakouts, use a fresh aloe vera plant or refrigerated aloe gel , dab it on the spots, and then after dab on put 1% hydrocortizon cream. This is being said by Doris Day a dermatologist from new york. I am trying it tonight, so we'll see in the morning what the condition my skin is then, keeping my fingers crossed (:
  15. i am 21, and i've had acne for 14 years, these last two years have been my worst, i have gotten two cysts on either side of cheek, i get whiteheads constantly, like everyday i wakeup and its above my upper lip and chin area, i have blackheads, discoloration. i am just tried of it all. i remember saying to myself three years ago, wow my face seems like its clearing up, i think its going to go away for good, bam next year rolls around and its at its worst. i just don't know if i wanna go through m