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  1. Dan's Regimen is based using BP to kill acne. If you stop using the Bp then acne may return. I want to know if you have to continue to use BP on the skin what are the long term effects for the skin. I mean using BP for years can't be good can it??? anyone been on the regimen 1yr+ ??? Is the regimen still working and how is your skin from using BP for such a long time? Thanks.
  2. Crooked I, Areyou still taking the med if not are you still clear ? Did you have an initial breakout after stopping it? Thanks in advance
  3. Yeah i have stopped the mino and i am currently trying the regime. Lets see what happens.
  4. Hi, I know a lot of people have tried Dan's regime, so who has been doing it for 3 months+ and seen great results. Who is clear,? Who is still doing the regime after becoming acne free. High chance is if you are clear from this regime then you are probably not visiting this forum anymore. Would be nice to hear some success stories. =P~ The only people on this board that have had great results are Dan and abby that i know of. Come lets have it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. First of all thanks to everyone for their feedback. I do not feel any side affects from Mino, does this mean the drug probably will not work for me anyway? Everybody seems to agree on one thing,that acne comes back. Whats the point of having a short term solution. Not one person says they have been clear skinned for 6months + after stopping the drug. I think i will stop and try dan reg for a few months and see what happens, worst case senario i will start Mino again after. Having been o
  6. Hi, I have read soo many posts and threads on Mino, i have to say i am quite worried about Mino now. Alot of people are saying you break out worse after you stop! i have mild acne only on my cheeks and i am thinking should i try Dan's regimen first. So should i stop Mino or continue and finish the 3months, i can't risk breaking out worse after the course. I really don't know what to do????? Advice appreciated!
  7. I hope you stay clear. I also hope its the regimen thats done you the most good so when you come off Mino you will be ok. Good luck! Keep us updated!
  8. Hi Does anybody in the UK know where to buy the C&C BP wash? Is this a US product only, i hope not! Here is a pictue of the product: http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp...BUY-PLST-0-SRCH
  9. Pete So when are you looking to come off the Mino? i guess that would be the ultimate proof in whats keeping you clear. Also, are you covering your whole face with BP like in Dan's Regimen or is it a BP wash that you use ? Thanks in advance.
  10. Please keep us updated with your progress! I would like to know how this regimen works out long term. Good luck!!!!
  11. WOW - No one would ever guess you ever suffered from acne! So do you continue with the regimen, have you skipped a day/week and seen if you get a spot? Hope you stay clear!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Hi UrbanBebegurl, I ask because i have also just started taking Mino and like yourself i have mild acne. I am worried of it getting worse after the med. I think it won't get worse, it may appear too because skin has gotten clearer etc. I am going to take it no more than 3months, thats a fair trial period on this drug. Only prob of taking it for a month is that once you start seeing the result you are coming off it or it might take longer than a month before the drug starts to work. Any
  13. Urbanbebegurl, how long are you on mino for ? 1month, 3months ?
  14. Botchla, thats exactly what it did to my skin as - stinging, sticky and just uncomfortable! I guess no one product can work for all skin types.