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  1. Yeah they always say use our other products for optimum results. I'm gonna give it a try if it works out I'll post something.
  2. I just saw on advert on TV for this product saying it loosens dirt anyone know if it actually works? Because those pore strips ain't been working recently.
  3. Getting depressed is gonna happen if you didn't have acne you'd just get down about other stuff. I know its hard but look on the bright side. You said that girl likes you no matter what but its you that feels uncomfortable. Well your in a fortunate position. If YOU push friends away b/c of your acne then its your fault but if OTHERS reject you b/c of acne than there's nothing you can do. And besdies your 13 you've got a long time to go yet so don't go into a shell otherwise you'll ruin your tee
  4. I've got exactly the same problem. When I wake up in the morning its like its dripping (well not dripping but you know...) the best thing I've found is just keep dabbing your nose with tissue paper its the most abosorbing thing and its cheap. I might try some ink blotter though that should work even better.
  5. Thanks for pointing out the Oxy On the Spot stuff. I've been looking for a decent 2.5% cream everywhere. I tried the panoxyl and got crappy red scab on my face. I've got another quite good one that's 4% cream but for some reason recently its been making my face really red and it stings. I picked up the Oxy 2.5% today hopefully that will work out. BTW, the best by far the best moisturiser I've tried is the one recommened on the main page - the Eucerin Alpha Hydroxy one (I had to order from the U
  6. I had one inside my nose and then the pimple spread to come out my nostril it half blocked by nostril and when I moved my mouth it hurt like crazy for the next hour. When I mean hurt it really hurt my eyes were just watering and I screemed a couple times. The only way to stop the pain was to ice it.
  7. I know peple here post that they get redness when on BP but my skin has started to sting a bit. I've been increasing the amount of BP I use slowly and I think I'm using too much. I'm just wondering if anyone else who has redness actually gets a bit of stinging as well?
  8. I used to get really dry skin from the regimen even though I always moisturized starting from day one. It got so bad that I had to stop the regimen. Anyway for the past 3 weeks or so I've been moisturizing BEFORE I put on the BP. This stops a lot of my flakiness and I can actually laugh, smile eat. etc. without my face feeling funny. So my tip is moisturize before BP if you have dry skin probs. The BP still does its job because its there on the skin and evidence that its working is the fact t
  9. I don't know if it really does anything for your skin but drinking a lot of water stops headaches. I used to get so many headaches I always thought it was becuase I get stressed out to easily or something but ever since I started drinking 2 litres of water a day I hardly ever ever get any. Only thing is though you pee a lot which is annoying
  10. You should sue your boss! I'm sure you could that'd teach him to shut his mouth.
  11. I have half a lemon of fresh lemon juice (the actual fruit squeezed) in a glass of cold water (bascially home made lemonade) is this too much I have it in the morning and at night? Becuase its a lot more than two spoons of lemon juice.
  12. j3 I wish you didn't post that picture on the forum. I didn't go to the really nasty pics b/c I really hate that stuff and I just browsed down and saw that
  13. fatman_uk how can you dampen your face before you moisturise? If you dampen your face won't the BP you've already put on your face start to run?
  14. I read somewhere else (I think it was on usenet) that lactic acid is "the best kept secret" for skin care. I know I used to use ten-o-six deep pore cleanser and my acne used to be in control and it contained lactic acid. Ever since they stopped selling it I've had to look elsewhere like this regimen and my acne has flared up.
  15. Oh I didn't know it only made your face sting and go red for a small time. I thought they meant burns or something.... that crappy flaking should go away; finally! Thanks for all the info guys you've been a big help.