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  1. i got lazer treatment to try and kill bacteria but i must of been one of the 15% of people it has no effect on cost around £500 for three sesions, it not workin made me think maybe my acne is hormonal (o and it relli relli hurts dnt listen 2 them it isnt painless)
  2. im was thinking of tryin vitC for red marks, until i read there now that it can do some thing with hemochromatosis, im already a carrier of the gene so should i really not try this?
  3. hey i was jus lookin 4 some help, my doctor wants 2 put me on diane or dianette, but im worried about any side effects, cuz im only 16, is there any thing other than moodyness you hav experenced? thanks for any help
  4. hey im new 2 this, my doctor wants 2 put me on dianette but im not so sure as im only 16 and im worried about the side effects it culd hav, culd you please give me sum advice? thanx
  5. i hate fotos and it sucks even more cuz i hav 4 of the most beautiful best friends eva, they look flawless n i look a state Hey im nu 2 this by the way