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  1. I dont have much luck using BP as a spot treatment. not saying it wont work for you but if it doesnt, i hear using the AHA works well. You will need to catch the pimple at its early stages though in order for it to work. Also, getting off the BP completely might not be the best idea if youre trying to keep acne free skin
  2. jojoba oil works great and so does the AHA. id try using both and see how u like it. most important, be consistent with the regimen and have patience
  3. Aslong as u stay consistent with the regimen and don't get impatient you'll see great results. The products are simple, non irritating to the face and actually work. Start with a small amount of the treatment and work your way up slowly like the instructions say. I had severe acne when I was in HS....im 25 now with clear skin...just a few scars. I get a bump every now and then but nothing too crazy. Thats just me being lazy at times and not doing the regimen twice a day. I've tried everything as
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  5. I had severe acne and the only thing that really worked for me is this regimen. Make sure to start slow and increase the amount of bp over time. Patience is very important when it comes to clearing acne but as long as u follow Dan's steps and stay consistent this regimen can really work some magic. I personally only use the treatment and aha from acne.org. My face cleansers and moisturizers are purchased at my local walgreens or walmart (anything made for sensative skin). I have tried Dan's cle
  6. I personally don't use scrubs cause it irritates my skin...but thats just me. It all depends on the person really. Im 25 yrs old and have had problems with acne since HS. From trying proactiv to even being on accutane (not even sure I spelled that correctly) nothing seemed to work. I tried Dan's regimen and have been hooked since. Its been a few yrs now and its been the only thing that works for me. His products are great but the only 2 I buy off of acne.org are the treatment and aha. As far as
  7. I do the regimen in the morning, I hit the gym around the evening and shower once I get home (no face cleansers), and do the regimen again late night before bed. If u enjoy swimming then go out and swim. No big deal. It's ok to wet the face just make sure you're not using a cleanser more than twice a day......u don't want to irritate the skin
  8. Patience is the key when it comes to clearing acne. I know its not an easy wait when it comes to noticing a dramatic change BUT that time will come. Stick to twice a day and be consistent
  9. Increase slowly until you've reached 2 pumps by the end of the 2 weeks imo. Patience is tough but also a very important key when trying to clear acne. Stay consistent with the regimen, have patience and you'll see results. Good luck