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  1. is the bp of the regimen is the same bp that sold in drug store?
  2. my cleanser of the regimen is out and shipping to my county is expensive and its take at least a week if order express shipping. what do i do in the meantime ? can i use the neutrogena facial cleansing bar for acne-prone skin instead?
  3. dont increase the amount of the bp just use the regimen like instruction said. im on the second week and my skin isnt dry at all but my acne really look much better. just be happy thay you skin isnt dry and keep with regimen as usual.
  4. i think its normal, my skin get tight after im using the cleanser and the BP but when im using the moisturizer my skin is normal again. try using more moisturizer 2 full pumps like the instruction says.
  5. Can i use less moisturizer or a diffrance one ? Will the regimen still work? I cant wake up more early then im already am.
  6. so school is coming soon and i just wondering how do you use the regimen on school morning? because when i putting the moisturizer its take a lot of time until its absurd and my skin looking so oily and cant wait that long before going to school. so what should i do ?
  7. Im in my first week of the regimen and my skin dosent get dry because of the BP so im using the BP twice a day instead of one and im puting more then a pea size of BP even tough its says to put pea size because the skun need to get used to this Is that ok?
  8. thank you all for answering !! i just started using the regimen yesterday and i think im doing everything correctly accept instead of using two pumps of moisturizer im using only half pumps because its enough for me. so far my skin is not getting dry or anything, so can i use the BP twice day or should i keep with BP one a day and the cleanser and the moisturizer twice a day ?
  9. Did you use the regimen twice a day ? I dont if i shuld use the BP only at night and in the morning only use the clenser and the moistezer or use all the regimen kit twice a day
  10. thank you for answering !! :) is it will make my skin look worse because of the dryness or worse as more pimples ?
  11. hi, i don't have severe acne, my forehead is feel clear when i touch it, but when i look at myself in the mirror with strong light i see a lot of little pimple. will the regimen help clear my face completely even if i don't have severe acne?