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  1. Now after almost 2 years, I'm back here. It is also almost 2 years I left The regimen, not because it didnt work, but because I could not adapt my current lifestyle to religously doing the regimen twice daily. This past few months my lifestyle have been so haywire ( working 24 hr straight, every other day oncall, eating not so healthy meal and stress ). So do my face, it has become the worst acne I could ever have. Every month there would be big red cystic acne, which took weeks to subside
  2. Thanks. You are right, the fact that we were suffering with acne before just made us a stronger person.
  3. From the album: Acne.org and Me

    Little details on my progress. Sorry for the uneven lighting of the photos
  4. fourteen

    Acne.org and Me

    Photos of me while I'm on the Regimen, just so I can motivate myself and perhaps others as well
  5. From the album: Acne.org and Me

    A little details on my progress. Sorry for uneven lighting of the photos
  6. fourteen

    6Th Month

    Just a little update. I'm on my 6th month of The Regimen. Super happy with my skin, can freely touch them, boost my confidence. Since 3 months ago, I modified my routine, by just applying BP for only for PM part. I also start using scrub, which I've incorporated it gradually. My personal opinion, it doesn't do any big changes to my skin. I just use the scrub because I have it right before starting the regimen. The scrub that I use is St. Ives Green Tea Scrub, which nowadays I've been using
  7. From the album: Acne.org and Me

    6 months of The Regimen Routine since 3 months ago: AM 1. Cleanser- St. Ives Green Tea Scrub 2. Neutrogena Moisturizer for Combination Skin. 3. Almay smart shade spf 15 if needed PM 1. Cleanser- Acne.org Cleanser 2. Acne.org 2.5 % BP 3. Acne.org Moisturizer alternately with Acne.org AHA+ Moisturizer with Jojoba oil
  8. Hey, thanks for your comment in my gallery. That was 3 months ago, now I still have pit type scar. Your skin here looks perfect. How did you do that?
  9. Hi there, I 've have the same problem regarding burning sensation over the eyes ( yes, it s feel like you cutting an onion ) when I applied BP. What I 've noticed is that, this problem only arise when I'm using the new BP (I'm on my third month of the regimen), and whenever I used the older BP which I squeeze out of the previous bottle that I have, I didn't experience the same problem. Also it didn't happened, the first time I use The Regimen. But I figured, it s not something to be really wor
  10. It s been 3 months already. It s been a journey, especially for the first month. And today I am glad that I choose to stick to the regimen. My skin almost always clear of acne. 1 or 2 of zits popping up would never stress me out like before. Now my focus is to slowly and safely try to fade away the scars. For the moment I will just stick to exfoliant like AHA+ and once in 2-3 days scrubbing my face with St. Ives Green Tea Scrub. Maybe in the future I'll try dermaroller or chemical peeling. I
  11. So I'm entering 10th week of my regimen. From the last 1 weeks, my skin has been at it best! I can freely touch my skin, no more big painful bumps. I want also give credit to Acne.org Aha+ as it has been included to my regimen since last 1 month. Now what left on my face are just scars, which is hyperpigmented one, so in the eyes of other, it look like acne.
  12. fourteen

    My Progress

    I'm entering my 5th week now... So far so good.. Not much big angry cystic acne, just few zit here and there, which go away a lot faster. So the major problem now, of course dry flaky skin...feel my face goes super tight!! So today my AHA+ order came!! so excited! Gonna try it tonight, hopefully it will work for me
  13. Hey, thanks for responding. I do have oily skin. Now I 've used 1 and half pumps for PM regime, and I still finds the moisturizer left kind of oily look on my face. But it s not really a problem for me now as I do the regimen just like what you said, Neutrogena for AM regime, Acne.org for PM regime . And if I used Acne.org moisturizer and for some reason I have to go out meeting people, I will just blotted with facial tissue to remove the excess oil. Thanks again for responding, I'm on m
  14. not for everyone, too harsh for me

    Proactive system not work for me, made my skin worse. The microbeads inside it is too harsh, causing micoinjury to Skin. Definitely not for to use during breakaout as it can be painful to use. My work for other. By the way I have oily skin, moderate acne mostly of cystic type, 25 yr / female.
  15. Good day fellow Acne.org members Today I received my Acne.org product , The Regimen kit ( flailing
  16. fourteen

    The Regimen!

    Yay!! It s finally here. Just ordered it 2 week's back, and now it's here in my hands! Super excited with the new look of it too. Thanks Acne.org for the efficient service.