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  1. Day 5 Sleeping troubles have since subsided thankfully, probably me being a worrier. I have noticed light sensitivity with my eyes. Nothing else to report during my missed days logs. Skin may not look like it in the photos but I am 100% noticing an improvement. I've had one or two spots pop up on my back but they have come and gone within two days, usually they are much bigger and last longer. Thank you for your advice trollunderthebridge, I take it not long after my evening meal, I
  2. Hello everyone, I've never been one to log things or to write diaries but as I know friends who have taken accutane a few years back, no one seems able to remember their experience so well. All I remember is nose bleeds, the typical dry scabs either side of their lips and a really sweaty forehead in any mild heat. (This is still happening with a friend who ended their course over two years ago. So I decided I would like to document my journey in hope it may help someone else some day!